SWEL 331. Introduction to Social Welfare. (2 Credits)

Examination and critique of the social welfare institution in America; its history, value orientation, issues past and present, and the agencies through which social welfare is administered. Christian perspective, agency visits, and field trip.

SWEL 332. Human Services Practice. (2 Credits)

Development of self-awareness for the human services professional. Introduction to methods used in social work practice, interviewing, assessment, and treatment planning. Professional social workers as guest speakers.

SWEL 496. Social Work Internship. (4 or 8 Credits)

A field experience providing opportunities for observation and participation in selected welfare agencies. Knowledge of community resources; skill and technique development; theory-in-practice experience. Offered as a block placement for an entire semester. Placements are made in the Chicago area. Sociology majors may apply eight hours of internship credit toward one sociology elective course. Prerequisites: SWEL 331, 332. See department for details.