PACS 201. Introduction to Peace and Conflict. (4 Credits)

This is the introductory course for the Peace and Conflict Studies certificate program. This interdisciplinary survey course will employ different perspectives and methodological approaches in order to understand the nature and sources of conflict, violence, and suffering; different meanings of "peace"; the processes, challenges, and trade-offs to establishing peace, justice, and reconciliation; and the Christian call to be makers of peace.

Tags: DUS, SI

PACS 494. Senior Seminar in Peace and Conflict Studies: Peace, Reconciliation, and Justice. (2 Credits)

This two-hour course will explore the prospects for peace and reconciliation given the fact of violence. The course will consider various ideals of justice, various methods of peacebuilding, and limitations associated with methods and movements for peace, reconciliation, and justice. The extent and efficacy of religion and religionists in peace, reconciliation and justice efforts will be considered, as well secular humanist approaches to peace, reconciliation and justice. Since students from the Community Transformation concentration and from the Global Justice concentration will coalesce in this course, students will debate the strengths and weaknesses of various units of analysis and of various disciplinary and methodological approaches to conflict resolution and peace building.

PACS 496. Internship. (4 Credits)

Allow students with opportunities to apply theoretical and theological knowledge by engaging in strategic peacebuilding, conflict resolution and conflict management in a variety of contexts to organizations. In addition, internships provide valuable insight into careers related to peace building and conflict management. Exploration of faith and vocation is a crucial component.