OAL 503. Cultural Engagement. (2 Credits)

This course introduces students to concepts of culture and social dynamics as they relate to various race, ethnicity, gender and other complex cultural issues. Students will be equipped to work and serve with and among diverse people in various contexts. Cross-listed with LEAD 503.

OAL 512. Leadership and Spiritual Formation. (4 Credits)

This course provides a theological and theoretical overview of the role of leader with people and in organizations with a particular focus on self-leadership. All leadership starts with the health, character and competence of a leader and, as a result, this foundational course focuses on fostering the spiritual maturity and long-term faithfulness of those called to shepherd and lead in the church and in the world. Cross-listed with LEAD 512.

OAL 516. Camp Ministry in Global Contexts. (2 Credits)

This course explores the landscape of Christian camping in local and global contexts. It examines the theory and practice of doing ministry in a diverse changing world. Students will nurture an understanding of how ministry in culture involves contextualization and focus on a global region of their choice. Pre or Corequisite: OAL 503.

OAL 517. Developmental Theory and Spiritual Formation. (2 Credits)

An introduction to biblical, historical, and theological understandings of the nature of persons and the integration of relevant psychological and sociological understandings of human development. In addition, students will be encouraged to consider the application of these foundations to the contemporary work of Christian formation and ministry.

OAL 518. Assessment and Innovation. (2 Credits)

An introduction to theories and approaches of assessment theory as they relate to outdoor adventure ministry and an exploration of recent scholarly research in the field for the purpose of improving our practice.

OAL 521. Personal Spiritual Formation. (2 Credits)

An introduction to personal spiritual formation, including spiritual health and the practice of spiritual disciplines. Includes an off-site weekend retreat.

OAL 534. Care and Counsel in Ministry. (2 Credits)

An introduction to the basic concepts and skills involved in care and counsel within experiential and other Christian formation ministry contexts including an overview of the historic ministry of soul care, biblical foundations for care in ministry, major categories of human suffering, and rudimentary person-to-person helping skills. This course is designed to enable those in camp ministry to help individuals and families understand and deal with contemporary issues--e.g., divorce, grief, suicide, conflict, etc.

OAL 547. Philosophy of Ministry. (2 Credits)

This course helps students become more informed and effective ministers through the analysis of key ministry and educational philosophies. Provides a framework within which to formulate a biblically, theologically, and philosophically informed philosophy of ministry.

OAL 548. Program Planning and Leadership. (2 Credits)

his course studies the process of developing outdoor and adventure based programs which will align with the mission, vision and values of an organization and serve the identified target groups in a meaningful way. As part of this course, students will build on their philosophy of ministry by developing, implementing and evaluating programs in real ministry settings.

OAL 549. Program Philosophy and Planning. (4 Credits)

This course helps students become more informed and effective ministers through the analysis of key ministry and educational philosophies and an exploration of core elements of ministry program design, implementation, and evaluation.

OAL 555. Women in Outdoor Ministry. (2 Credits)

This course will explore the history and experiences of women in an outdoor ministry context by weaving three threads of inquiry together: history, theology, and studies on women in the workplace. It will trace the involvement of women in outdoor ministry as both participants and leaders over the last century, introduce students to the varied theological perspectives on women’s roles in a ministry/church context, and explore research and perspectives on women in the workplace in general, as well is in outdoor leadership in particular.

OAL 556. Gap Programming and Leadership. (2 Credits)

This course provides an overview of Gap year programs and the best practices that help make them transformative experiences for emerging adults. The course applies appropriate principles from OAL courses to this unique and growing application. Prerequisite: OAL 662.

OAL 564. Challenge Course Leadership. (4 Credits)

This course applies theories and principles of leadership, spiritual development and experiential education to challenge programming specifically utilizing ropes courses, team initiatives, climbing, and other outdoor adventure activities. Students will apply learning by developing, leading and evaluating short term (1/2-day to 3-day) adventure education experiences for a variety of groups. This course is offered as an intensive at HoneyRock. Prerequisite: OAL 595.

OAL 566. Temporary Communities and the Church. (2 Credits)

This course explores the mechanics of temporary systems how they have served diverse communities past and present. Students examine how God uses temporary communities to form his people, offering models for teaching, hospitality, renewal, and facilitating transitions.

OAL 595. Foundations of Experiential Education. (2 Credits)

This course explores theoretical and theological foundations of experiential education using different environmental contexts as the classroom. Diverse education design and teaching methodologies, group facilitation, and leadership in different contexts will be used to meet course objectives. The course requires individual and group preparatory and post residential work.

OAL 662. Theology and Practice of Outdoor Ministry. (4 Credits)

This course is the foundational overview of the Outdoor Adventure Leadership Concentration of the Wheaton Graduate School. It is designed to equip students personally, spiritually and communally for a life of leadership and ministry in outdoor related ministries by helping students to develop personal vision, ministry skills, interpersonal competence, and a ministry philosophy. This course is offered in a modular format at HoneyRock.

OAL 663. Organizational Leadership and Staff Development in Outdoor Ministry. (4 Credits)

The outdoor and adventure ministry context is an excellent laboratory for equipping leaders for the church and society worldwide. This course is designed to help students develop principles and competencies to enhance their own leadership practice and to cultivate an approach to ministry that facilitates leadership development in those who serve and are served in the adventure ministry setting. Additionally, students will learn principles for effective organizational leadership. Students will design and evaluate leadership development programs in an outdoor ministry setting as part of this course. Offered in a modular format at HoneyRock.

OAL 664. Wilderness Programming and Leadership. (4 Credits)

This course emphasizes the uniqueness of the wilderness classroom and teaches students to utilize extensive wilderness expeditions to draw others to Christ and develop them into whole and effective people. The course covers program models and planning processes, various outdoor and leadership skills needed for wilderness ministry, and how God uses silence, creation, and group problem-solving to develop disciples. It is offered almost entirely in the wilderness classroom and as an extended expedition during multiple times and at multiple sites each year. This course is offered through HoneyRock.

OAL 665. Wilderness Program Management. (4 Credits)

This course will prepare students to design and manage wilderness programming appropriate for Christian and secular colleges, non-profit and for-profit programs that feature immersive wilderness experiences. Students with current Wilderness Education Association “Certified Outdoor Leader” and 50+ days of relevant field time will complete requirements leading to WEA “Certified Outdoor Educator” qualifications. Additional course fee required: $500 to cover certification fees, travel expenses for instructors and gear use. Prerequisite: OAL 664.

OAL 682. Integrative Seminar. (2 Credits)

Integrates the core courses in the OAL the program into a unified whole. The Integrative Seminar fosters reflection on the academic, spiritual, and practical aspects of the degree while also assisting in plans for future growth and development in these areas. Includes a summative case study evaluation and final compilation of the students portfolio. Prerequisite: All OAL core courses must be completed or in process. This course should be taken the final semester of a student's enrollment.

OAL 683. Integrative Seminar. (0 Credits)

Integrates the various courses of the program into a unified whole. The Integrative Seminar fosters reflection on the academic, spiritual, and practical aspects of the degree while also assisting in plans for future growth and development in these areas. Includes a summative case study evaluation. Prerequisite: All core courses must be completed or in process.

OAL 692. Creative Project. (2 Credits)

Prerequisite: Department approval of student's Final Project proposal.

OAL 694. Current Issues. (2 to 4 Credits)

Provides opportunity for advanced students to study collectively some topic or concept in greater depth, or to explore a specialized topic and its relationship to an understanding and practice of Outdoor and Adventure Ministry.

OAL 695. Independent Study. (2 to 4 Credits)

Focuses on field or library research according to individual interests and competencies in Outdoor and Adventure Ministry.

OAL 696. Internship. (2 to 4 Credits)

Provides advanced students the opportunity to have a better understanding of ministry theory and practice by working and studying alongside a competent, authorized professional in Christian ministry. Includes a summative paper or reflection and analysis of the learning that occurred and its significance for future ministry (due after the internship). Prerequisite: Internship application approval.

OAL 698. Thesis/Applied Thesis. (2 Credits)

Prerequisite: Dept. approval of student's Final Project Proposal.

OAL 699. Thesis/Creative Project Continuation. (0 Credits)