LALSĀ 301. Introduction to Latin American and Latino/a Studies. (4 Credits)

This multidisciplinary course introduces students to key concepts and issues in Latin American and Latino/a Studies and familiarizes them with the diverse histories, economies, politics, societies and cultures of Latin America and Latino/as in the United States. Particular attention is given to ways Latin American and Latino/a Christianity contributes to the global church. Offered every year in the fall semester. Required for the Latin American Studies major and minor.

Tags: DUS, GP

LALSĀ 494. Senior Seminar in Latin American and Latino/a Studies. (4 Credits)

Examination of a salient topic from multidisciplinary perspectives and in light of critical concerns in Latin American and Latino Studies and the Christian faith. Students produce a significant academic paper, explore integration of the major with the Christ at the Core curriculum, and consider their liberal arts studies at Wheaton in light of their Christian vocations. Prerequisite: Senior majors, or Junior majors who have completed 32 hours and study abroad. Additional course fee required: $50.

General Education: SHAR