HESD 512. Bible in Ministry. (2 Credits)

This course acquaints students with the formative nature and power of Scripture. It explores the principles and practices of using Scripture in ministry through reading, study, devotion, and meditation in personal, small groups and teaching, and related ministries of the church.

HESD 514. Ministry in Culture. (4 Credits)

Explores foundational cultural issues from a Christian, socio-cultural perspective. Provides opportunities for students to cultivate theory and practice of ministry in the multicultural American society, as well as the Church around the world.

HESD 534. Care and Counsel in Ministry. (4 Credits)

An introduction to the basic concepts and skills involved in care and counsel within ministry contexts including an overview of the historic ministry of soul care, biblical foundations for care in ministry, major categories of human suffering, critical issues related to care in college and university contexts (e.g. Title IX) and rudimentary person-to-person helping skills. This course is designed to enable those in student development to help students understand and deal with contemporary issues-e.g., divorce, grief, suicide, conflict, etc.

HESD 546. Facilitating Collegiate Learning. (2 Credits)

The college student experience must be built upon learning opportunities throughout the entire systems (i.e., academic and social) and within all facets of higher education. No department or entity is exempt from the opportunities to impact student learning and development. This course is designed to explore and equip students for these opportunities via understanding the student learning paradigm and its application to higher education practice.

HESD 548. Leadership & Legal Issues. (4 Credits)

This course will discuss the character, organizational, and legal knowledge needed to lead effectively in higher education.

HESD 575. Conflict & Mediation. (4 Credits)

Conflict and Mediation is designed to provide for a foundational understanding of the mediation process while simultaneously developing critical dispute resolution skills, such as creative problem solving, internet based negotiation, managing emotionally charged situations, reality testing, active listening, effective questioning, and mediating multi-party disputes. Students will also reflect on how these conflict mediation methods align with a biblical vision of conflict as well as with various student development roles.

HESD 595. Introduction to Higher Education. (4 Credits)

An introduction and overview of the administration and organization of higher education and college student development with an emphasis on the profession's contexts and frameworks. Student culture will also be discussed with an eye toward implications on the organization of human resources with Student Development. Finally, the interpersonal dynamics in the field will be discussed along with the skills and competencies that will be needed.

HESD 641. Emerging Adult Development. (4 Credits)

Explores the theories and practices of ministry directed toward college students and young adults. Emphasizes the developmental and cultural dynamics of the young adult years and the practical implications of a biblical philosophy of discipleship for identity development, character education, worldview construction, and spiritual formation. The course is relevant for anyone ministering to college students and/or young adults in the local church or in a college/university context.

HESD 692. Creative Project. (2 Credits)

Prerequisite: Department approval of student's Final Project proposal.

HESD 698. Applied Thesis. (2 Credits)

Prerequisite: Department approval of student's thesis proposal.