NEUR 241. Foundations of Neuroscience. (4 Credits)

This course is an overview of the basic structure and function of the nervous system. Emphasis is placed on divisions of the nervous system, neural development, cellular and molecular systems and neurophysiology. Two lectures, three hours laboratory. Lab fee.

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NEUR 369. Neuroscience Collaborative Research. (2 Credits)

A junior/senior level course where students would participate in laboratory research under the direction of a faculty advisor. Prerequisite: Either PSYC 269, BIOL 252, AHS 271 or consent of instructor.

NEUR 494. Neuroscience Capstone. (2 Credits)

A junior/senior level course with an interdisciplinary research component is developed as the culmination of the minor. Students will develop a research study using tools from multiple disciplines to answer a question related to the field of neuroscience. Prerequisite NEUR 369.