MIN 547. Preaching. (2 Credits)

This course lays the biblical and theological foundations for preaching and develops preaching skills with an emphasis on faithfulness, contextualization and mission, clarity and structural soundness, and spiritual power. The theological, conceptual, and practical role of media, drama, the arts, metaphor, and symbol will also be explored.

MIN 558. Personal Leadership and Development in Ministry. (4 Credits)

Explores dimensions of personal leadership development and competencies. Overviews Biblical foundations and spiritual disciplines for effective and God centered leadership. Uses various personality, temperament and assessment tools and examines developmental perspectives on leadership over the lifespan.

MIN 559. Organizational Change and Leadership in Ministry. (4 Credits)

Explores models and principles of change leadership, leading organizations, building teams, handling conflict, and fostering entrepreneurial environments within a ministry setting. Examines the leadership literature on these issues. Utilizes case studies and group experiences.

MIN 561. Congregational Leadership: Worship, Discipleship, and Care. (4 Credits)

In various ways, congregational culture affects the shaping of the identity, mission and formation of all local churches. In this course, we will seek to define, exegete, and evaluate congregational culture in order to identify helpful leadership approaches for worship, discipleship, and pastoral care that can support congregational formation and mission.

MIN 692. Comprehensive Exam. (0 Credits)

Prerequisite: submission of Candidacy form. Fee $75. Graded pass/fail.