RELI 212. World Religions:Asia. (2 Credits)

A survey of the living religious traditions of South and East Asia, including that of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Parsees, Taoists, Confucianists, and Shintoists.

RELI 214. World Religions: Middle East. (2 Credits)

A survey of the living religious traditions of the Middle East, emphasizing Judaism and Islam.

RELI 225. Major World Religions. (4 Credits)

A survey of the world's major religions. Students will acquire understanding of the complex category of "religion", become familiar with the basic methodological approaches employed in religious studies, and gain an overview knowledge of the histories, beliefs, and practices of the major religions discussed. Particular focus will be placed on each religion's philosophical traditions. The reality of religious diversity will be engaged through a Christian philosophical and theological lens. Prerequisite: CORE 101.

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RELI 362. Judaism. (2 Credits)

An introduction to the historical development of the religion of Judaism, including Messianic Judaism; its origins, literature, Holy Days, rituals, theologies, movements, and future. A visit to a synagogue service is an integral part of the course.

RELI 364. Islam. (4 Credits)

A study of the origins of Islam in Arabia and its spread throughout the world. Special attention is given to Mohammed, the Qur'an, major tenets of Islam, different sects within Islam, the interface between Christianity and Islam, and the recent rise of Islamic fundamentalism.

RELI 492. Topical Studies. (2 or 4 Credits)

A phenomenological investigation across several religious traditions. Topics such as fundamentalism, cosmology, sacred writings, or mysticism will be covered.

RELI 495. Directed Study. (1 to 4 Credits)