IDS 291. Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies. (2 Credits)

An orientation to the increasingly important work of interdisciplinary thinking, this course is designed to encourage students to become holistic explorers of knowledge and to see the interdependent aspects of all academic disciplines and courses within a liberal arts college.

IDS 494. Senior Seminar. (4 Credits)

This capstone course provides the interdisciplinary studies major the opportunity for integration by means of interaction with other IDS majors. The seminar requires full participation of students through daily reading, writing, speaking, and listening—conducted according to a central theme and common texts, drawing upon the students’ varied academic experiences. An integrative research project is mandatory—one that is qualitative, quantitative, or creative, depending upon each student’s program of study. Required of all IDS majors, and only offered in the spring semester, it should be taken just prior to graduation. Prerequisite: IDS 291.

General Education: SHAR

IDS 495. Independent Study. (2 Credits)

A regimen of reading scholarly articles and writing abstract reviews is typical; however, this course also provides the IDS major with the opportunity for research to meet the individual’s needs and interests, as approved by the Interdisciplinary Studies director. IDS majors are strongly encouraged to take the IDS independent study prior to the IDS Senior Seminar, providing solid preparation for the final IDS project.

IDS 496. Internship. (2 to 8 Credits)

Graded pass/fail. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing within the Interdisciplinary Studies major.