EVAN 516. Spiritual Formation. (2 Credits)

Spiritual Formation and Witness. See INTR 514.

EVAN 526. Gospel: Theological Perspectives on Evangelism and Renewal. (4 Credits)

Examines the gospel as the good news of God's inaugurated kingdom, with a focus on the centrality of Jesus' death and resurrection as interpretive center. Investigates the dynamic of the spread of this good news throughout Scripture and history. Explores more recent movements of renewal and revival in relation to issues of evangelism and social transformation.

EVAN 534. Apologetics in Global Contexts. (2 Credits)

Examines apologetics as the study and practice of establishing the plausibility of the Christian faith within particular cultures and contexts. Explores various philosophical and cultural frameworks for apologetics and then applies them to modernist, postmodern, multi-ethnic and global contexts and questions.

EVAN 542. Church: Movements & Models. (4 Credits)

Explores different paradigms and models of church, paying special attention to the most recent emerging missional movements and their characteristics, impact and trajectory. Includes field trip visits and guest lecturers representing various existing models of churches and ministries. Assesses ministries using a number of different evaluative tools that are widely used. Fee $30.

EVAN 545. Culture: Emerging & Global. (4 Credits)

Explores the shape of ministry and evangelism in postmodern, post-Christendom and globalizing cultures. Examines popular culture in the U.S. as a key context for ministry and a critical influence around the world. Reframes evangelism, apologetics, preaching, healing, and discipleship in relation to the significant cultural shifts that are occurring.

EVAN 546. Discipleship. (2 Credits)

See CFM 532.

EVAN 547. Evangelistic Communication. (2 Credits)

Exposes students to the dynamics of communication and communication theory, with application to the task of communicating the gospel in contemporary contexts. The theological, conceptual, and practical role of media, drama, the arts, metaphor, and symbol will also be explored.

EVAN 548. Evangelism and the Local Church. (4 Credits)

Explores the theology, strategies, practice, and leadership styles associated with implementing evangelism through a variety of ecclesiological traditions and local church settings.

EVAN 556. Leadership and Evangelism. (2 Credits)

Examines the literature on personal leadership development, biblically and in contemporary contexts, with application to the task of leading the church or Christian agencies into evangelistic effectiveness. Special attention is given to devise or revise the mission and vision of a Christian organization seeking to be missional.

EVAN 558. Personal Development and Leadership. (4 Credits)

Examines the theological, theoretical, and practical foundations for leadership in relation to personal development, stages of development over the life cycle, spiritual disciplines, personal witness, and the leader’s relational skills and practices.

EVAN 559. Organizational and Change Leadership. (4 Credits)

Explores the processes, stages, and leadership capacities and skills for leading change in organizations. Examines biblical and theological perspectives on leadership, organizations and change. Introduces principles of social entrepreneurship. Equips students for leading churches and organizations toward becoming missional and evangelistic.

EVAN 573. Evangelism Research Methods. (2 Credits)

Equips students with the rationale and methodology of qualitative research in cultural contexts, with an emphasis on the application of qualitative methods to a specific context through research projects.

EVAN 691. Ministry Practicum. (2 Credits)

Provides practical, guided ministry experience in which students serve under supervision with regular interaction and instruction in the area of ministry. Graded pass/fail.

EVAN 692. Comprehensive Exam. (0 Credits)

Prerequisite: submission of Candidacy form. Graded pass/fail.

EVAN 694. Seminar In Evangelism. (2 or 4 Credits)

In-depth study of selected topics growing out of special concerns of professors and students.

EVAN 695. Independent Study. (1 to 4 Credits)

EVAN 696. Internship. (2 or 4 Credits)

Graded pass/fail.

EVAN 698. Thesis/Applied Thesis. (2 or 4 Credits)

EVAN 699. Thesis/Applied Thesis Contin. (0 Credits)

See M.A. Thesis/Applied Thesis/Action Research.