CFI 101. Theology of Business: Wisdom Based Business 101. (2 Credits)

At its best, business is both purposeful and profitable, dynamic and gainful, commercial and rewarding. Far from being opposites, good business and good behavior go hand-in-hand, and biblical principles can align with best practices. In the Theology of Business: Wisdom-Based Business course, students will draw principles from the Bible's wisdom literature and from evidence-based research to explore a framework for business that is oriented toward honoring God, excellence, and sustainability. This class addresses important issues such as: the virtue of profit, servant leadership, wisdom-based values such as long-term over short-term, stakeholders, quality, beneficial outcomes of wisdom-based business including reputation and comparative advantage, and the ultimate outcome of eternal impact.

CFI 301. Faith-Centered Design: Agile Project Management. (4 Credits)

Students from all majors will explore innovation problems across industries and develop a faith-centered approach, using best-practices and state-of-the-art tools and experienced mentors to define problems and create market-relevant, socially beneficial solutions. This course will introduce students to recognized innovation processes, project management frameworks, team workflow techniques, digital marketing practices, and market research tools. As an applied course, students will work together to learn and put these tools to practice as they complete innovation projects. Every iScholar will have a mentored opportunity to explore what the integration of faith, work, and innovation means for their present and future vocations.