FREN 101. Elementary French I. (4 Credits)

Beginning French with emphasis on listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Cannot receive credit for both (FREN 101, 102) and FREN 103.

FREN 102. Elementary French II. (4 Credits)

Beginning French with emphasis on listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Cannot receive credit for both (FREN 101, 102) and FREN 103.

FREN 103. Accelerated Elementary French. (4 Credits)

Intensive study of beginning French with emphasis on listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Required of students with two years of high school French.

FREN 201. Intermediate French. (4 Credits)

Intermediate French with emphasis on reading, writing, and conversation in the context of French-speaking culture. The general education foreign language competency requirement is met by passing the course. Prerequisite to any further study in French.

FREN 209. Intermediate French In Francophone Country. (4 Credits)

Conversation, composition, and grammar review, with on-site experience of history and culture of the country. Offered in Quebec/France only. (Subject to department approval.)

FREN 331. French Conversation. (4 Credits)

Intensive practice in oral and written communication with emphasis on listening comprehension and natural spoken expression based on videos, and readings of authentic materials.

FREN 333. Global French: Introduction to the Francophone World. (4 Credits)

Introduction to the Francophone world through exposure to a diversity of cultural artifacts (literature, newspaper articles, written and oral interviews, films, songs) from various French-speaking countries. This course includes a systematic review of French grammar with a special emphasis on written expression.

FREN 334. Culture And Communication. (2 Credits)

Study of French history, art, architecture, film, geography, social and economic structures; acquisition of skills useful in business. Different emphasis each year; may be repeated for credit. Course is offered occasionally.

FREN 335. Francophone Civilization and Culture. (2 to 4 Credits)

On-site study of Francophone history, architecture, art, politics, and society. Offered in Francophone countries only.

FREN 338. Advanced French in Francophone Country. (2 to 4 Credits)

Advanced grammar, conversation, and composition, taught by native speakers in a Francophone university setting. Course content and level variable. Offered in Francophone countries only.

FREN 347. Francophone Literature. (4 Credits)

Overview of Francophone writers from the 20th and 21st centuries with selected readings from various literary works. Course is offered occasionally.

Tags: LE

FREN 348. Coming of Age in French Literature. (4 Credits)

Exploration of representations of adolescence and early adulthood in French literature from the Renaissance to the present. Various genres: essays, plays, poetry, novels.

Tags: LE

FREN 371. Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages. (4 Credits)

The study of various methodologies, theories, and techniques of foreign language teaching; introduction to linguistics for second-language acquisition. Practice in a variety of micro-teaching situations. Required for secondary education licensure; otherwise, an elective toward major or minor. This course does not satisfy the language competency requirement.

FREN 431. Advanced Conversation. (2 Credits)

High level development of oral communication with emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and expression approaching native speech. Offered alternate years.

FREN 432. Advanced Grammar and Stylistics. (2 Credits)

General grammar review and advanced study of lesser-taught structures and nuances of meaning in order to improve critical awareness of stylistics and vocabulary and to develop authenticity of expression. Offered alternate years.

FREN 439. Topics in French Language and Literature. (2 or 4 Credits)

Varied subjects including genre and movement studies, culture, and advanced language. May be repeated for credit.

FREN 489. Topics in Francophone Country. (2 Credits)

Varied subjects including literary and cultural studies. Offered in Francophone countries only.

FREN 494. Senior Seminar. (4 Credits)

This course is designed to be a culminating experience in which students demonstrate skills and knowledge acquired over their course of study as a French major at a liberal arts institution. Prerequisites: FREN 331, FREN 333, study abroad, FREN 347 or FREN 348. Additional course fee required.

General Education: SHAR

FREN 495. Independent Study. (1 to 4 Credits)

Reading and individual study of some aspect of French culture, literature, or language. Department approval required.

FREN 496. Internship. (2 or 4 Credits)

Department approval required. Graded pass/fail. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing with French major.