GEND 493. Gender Studies Advanced Seminar. (2 Credits)

This course pulls together students’ exploration of gender through previous interdisciplinary coursework with attention to gender in international perspective. Topics such as gender-based violence, international economic development, intersectional gendered identities, and global church leadership will be discussed. Students will also have an opportunity to connect with organizations employing a gender lens in their work. Prerequisite: SOC 347 and BITH 383.

GEND 495. Gender Studies Independent Study. (2 Credits)

Guided reading and research for the advanced major or research internship in ongoing institutional or faculty research.

GEND 496. Internship. (2 or 4 Credits)

Credit given in connection with internship assignment in a gender related issue. Some possibilities include working with relief, development, education, social welfare, medical field, ministry, media, legal issues, or advocacy. Offered as a block placement for 2 or 4 credits for the entire semester on or off campus. Intended primarily for those pursuing the gender studies certificate. Students should have completed both 16 hours in their major and 16 hours in the certificate. Prerequisite: SOC 347 and BITH 383.