MML 503. Cultural Engagement. (2 Credits)

This course introduces students to concepts of culture and social dynamics as they relate to specific issues like race, ethnicity, and gender. Students will be equipped to work with and among diverse people within these contexts and communicate well across various contexts.

MML 512. Leadership and Spiritual Formation. (4 Credits)

This course provides a theological and theoretical overview of the role of leader with people and in organizations with a particular focus on self-leadership. All leadership starts with the health, character and competence of a leader and, as a result, this foundational course focuses on fostering the spiritual maturity and long-term faithfulness of those called to shepherd and lead in the church and in the world.

MML 513. Theological and Systematic Foundation of the missio Dei. (4 Credits)

This course examines the missio Dei, engaging systematic theology through the hermeneutic lens of God’s mission. Using the 10 Loves of the Cape Town Commitment 2010 of the Lausanne Movement as the systematic framework for this class, students will develop a robust and systematic theology of mission, applying it to their context and life.

MML 701. Perspectives in Missional Theology. (4 Credits)

This course will examine major systematic theological themes in Scripture through the hermeneutic lens of the mission of God. Specific attention will be given to the development of Christian doctrines and an understanding of God’s mission within the history of Christian thought and missiology, with a view to equipping students develop a biblically-grounded and contextually-focused framework for missional engagement. (Course effective Spring 2022)