The expenses at Wheaton are moderate and are kept so by the generous gifts and grants from individuals and foundations and by the income from its endowment. Students pay for about seventy percent of the cost of their education; substantial sums are raised annually by the College to cover the difference between what the student pays and the cost of operation.

The tuition rate includes most miscellaneous items for which separate charges are usually made, such as library, student center, and various student activities. Some limitations apply to part-time students.

Substantial student aid funds are available for many students from College, government, and self-help sources. No student should fail to apply to Wheaton for financial reasons.

All costs listed here are as accurate as possible at the time of publication but could be subject to change.

Undergraduate Costs

Charge Cost
Undergraduate Tuition:
12 to 18 hours, per semester
Hours over 18, per hour
Less than 12 hours, per hour
Special Students (1-8 hours only), per hour
Undergraduate Audit, Wheaton student, per course
Undergraduate Audit, non-Wheaton student, per course
Board, per semester (subject to change):
18 AYCE1 meal plan + $50 in "Thunder Bucks"2
14 AYCE meal plan + $50 in "Thunder Bucks"
10 AYCE meal plan + $50 in "Thunder Bucks"
210 AYCE Block + $50 in "Thunder Bucks"
160 AYCE Block + $50 in "Thunder Bucks"
65 AYCE Block
Room, per semester; double occupancy (subject to change) 3,090
F1 Visa holding (non-resident) students mandatory insurance (per year for 12 month coverage) 1,500
Residential vehicle overnight parking permit, per year (for college apt and dorm students) 245
Commuter student vehicle parking permit, per year 165

Service Charges

Charge Cost
Application Fee 50
Admission Deposit 300
New student orientation fee 125
Late Registration 75
Late Payment Fee 75

Conservatory of Music Fees

Charge Cost
MUCS, MUEP, MUIP, MUMS, MUTC per credit hour unless otherwise noted below: 50
Music Context Studies (MUCS):
Intro to Music: Historical Survey (MUCS 101)
Intro to Music: Interdisciplinary Emphasis (MUCS 102)
Intro to Music: 20th Century & World Music (MUCS 103)
Instrument Literature Classes (MUCS 323, MUCS 324, MUCS 326, MUCS 327, MUCS 328, MUCS 329, MUCS 331)
Music Ensemble Performance (MUEP):
Large Ensemble Fee (MUEP 213 - MUEP 218)
Opera Mainstage (MUEP 356, MUEP 357)
Jazz Combo (MUEP 358)
Chamber Music (MUEP 371)
Music Individual Performance (MUIP):
Private Lessons (MUIP 101 - MUIP 122) 2 credits
Private Lessons (MUIP 201 - MUIP 422, MUIP 401 - MUIP 422) 2-4 credits
Small Group Lessons (MUIP 131, MUIP 141)
Class Piano (MUIP 223 - MUIP 227)
Coaching (MUIP 232)
Music Method Studies (MUMS):
Music Performance Seminar (MUMS 101)
Principles of Pedagogy II (MUMS 321:1-7)
Music Outreach Practicum (MUMS 333)
Conducting Lab (MUMS 346)
Internship (MUMS 496)
Theory & Composition (MUTC):
Intro to Music: Reading & Analysis (MUTC 101)
Intermediate Composition (MUTC 331)
Advanced Composition (MUTC 451)

Course Fees

Charge Cost
AHS 351 Lab fee 150
AHS 361 75
AHS 362 10
AHS 452 75
ANTH 385 300
Biology Labs (not including excessive loss or breakage, which is billed) 85
BIOL 348 (Approximate cost of travel, etc.) 2,200
Chemistry Labs (not including excessive loss or breakage, which is billed) 95
CFM 121, 122, 123, 124, 125 95
CFM 131 695
COMM 271, COMM 374 100
CORE 308 150
CORE 338 60
EDUC 311 Field Trip 15
EDUC 311L 50
EDUC 494 300
EDUC 497 250
ENGR 125 65
ENVR 221 Lab Fee 25
ENVR 221 Field Trip 15
ENVR 315 Lab Fee 50
ENVR 381 Lab Fee 25
General Education Competency Exams 5-30
Geology Labs 25
Geology Field Trips GEOL 211, GEOL 355 35
GEOL 336, GEOL 437 40
GEOL 321, GEOL 443 120
GEOL 344, GEOL 413 120
GEOL 332 Varies
HNGR 385 300
HNGR 494 350
Modern and Classical Languages
CHIN 331 lab fee 0
FREN 331 lab fee 25
SPAN 331 lab fee 25
GERM 341 lab fee 25
FREN 494/GERM 494/SPAN 494 Senior Seminar lab fee 25
Competency Exams 25-400
Assessment Testing 25-75
Language Placement Exams 10-20
MSCI 301, MSCI 401 25
NEUR 241 100
Physics Labs 65
SCI 311 Field Trip 30
SCI 322 Materials 10

Service charges are nonrefundable. Course fees for officially dropped courses are refunded as follows:

  • 100% before the end of the second week of the semester
  • None thereafter unless approved by the department

Approximate Fixed Costs per Semester

Charge Cost
Tuition $18,850
Board, per semester:
18 AYCE1 meal plan + $50 in "Thunder Bucks"2
14 AYCE meal plan + $50 in "Thunder Bucks"
10 AYCE meal plan + $50 in "Thunder Bucks"
65 AYCE Any Meal Plan
Room, per semester:
Double/Triple/Quad occupancy
Single occupancy
House/Apartment/Single Students
1-Bedroom Apartment/Married Students
2-Bedroom Apartment/Married Students w/Families
House/Married Students w/Families
North Housing Townhouses
North Housing Houses
Books, supplies, travel, personal miscellaneous (estimated indirect costs) 2,800

Graduate Costs

Charge Cost
Graduate Tuition:
M.A. Graduate Tuition, per hour
Ph.D. Graduate Tuition, per hour (including summer courses)
Psy.D. Graduate Tuition, per hour (including summer courses)
Graduate Audit, Wheaton student, per course
Graduate Audit, non-Wheaton student, per course
Service Fees:
Application Fee, M.A.
Application Fee, Psy.D. and Ph.D.
Admission Deposit, M.A.
Admission Deposit, Psy.D.
Admission Deposit, Ph.D.
Commuter student vehicle parking permit, per year
F1 Visa holding (non-resident) students mandatory insurance (per year for 12 month coverage)
Late Registration
Late Payment Fee
Course Fees:
Biblical Exegesis Competency Exam
BITH 692 Graduate Comprehensive Exam Fee
CFM 521 Spiritual Formation Retreat
CFM 683 Integrative Seminar
CMHC 624 Issues and Ethics in Professional Practice Course Fee (Program Counseling fee—1st semester)
CMHC 691 Comprehensive Exam
EDUC 511 Field Trip
EDUC 587 Course Fee
EVAN 692, HDI 692, INTR 692, MIN 692, MISS 692 Comprehensive Exam Fee
Thesis/Applied Thesis Continuation Fee
Thesis/Project Re-entry Fee
Apartment Rentals and other:
Board, per semester; 18-meal plan + $50 in "Thunder Bucks"
Single students, per semester
Couples-one bedroom, per semester
Families-two bedroom, per semester
House Rentals-Families, per semester
Residential vehicle overnight parking permit, per year (for college apt and dorm students)

Graduate students taking undergraduate courses must pay course fees as listed in the undergraduate costs section. 

Payment Information & Policies (Settlement of Accounts)

All bills are to be paid at the beginning of each semester and received by the established due date shown on each semester bill and in the college calendar. In mid-July and in mid-December, students will receive an email, instructing them to go online and to view and pay their bill. In order for parents to see the bill or statement, the student must sign them up to be an authorized user. Payments can be made online via electronic check (free), and credit or debit cards (a 2.85% service fee will be assessed on this method of payment). Student Financial Services will continue to accept check and cash as other forms of payment.

An unpaid account may result in the cancellation of the student's enrollment and will be assessed a $75 late penalty plus a 1½% charge per month on the unpaid balance.

The admissions deposit will be applied to the student's account upon enrollment.

Wheaton College offers payment plans for students who wish to finance the cost of education throughout the school year. Visit the Student Financial Services website at: https://www.wheaton.edu/about-wheaton/offices-and-services/student-financial-services-office/ contact the Student Financial Services at SFS@wheaton.edu for more information.

Students with unpaid student accounts are not permitted to re-enroll or receive diplomas and transcripts, until their balance is paid in full. These accounts will be subject to credit bureau reporting after enrollment ceases. Past due balances may be turned over to a collection agency. Accounts that are assigned will be responsible for principal, interest, late charges, and collection costs.

Due Dates for the 2019-20 Academic Year

Payment will be due on the first Wednesday of each term. Based on the approved calendar these dates are:

Semester Date
Fall Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Spring Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Summer Monday, May 31, 2020

Payment in full is required at least two weeks prior to leaving for overseas programs.

Refunds on Tuition

Effective Dates for Refund. Refunds are computed on the date the course drop application is filed in the Registrar's Office, or on the date of the application for withdrawal given by the Student Development Office. The weeks listed below begin on the first day of the semester regardless of the day a student begins attending classes. No tuition refund will be given after week nine for full semester courses.

Reduction of Load. To decrease a student's load, a drop form with the required signatures must be filed with the Registrar. Full refund is allowed for any resulting difference in tuition charge filed during the first two weeks of the course; and none thereafter.

Withdrawal from College. To withdraw from college during a semester, a student must initiate the withdrawal process (at the Student Development Office for undergraduate students, and the Office of the Director of Graduate Student Care for graduate students) and deliver the completed withdrawal card with the required approvals to the Registrar's Office. See above for the effective date of refund.

Refunds are allowed as follows:

100% before the end of the second week of the semester
80% the third week
70% the fourth week
60% the fifth and sixth weeks
50% the seventh week
40% the eighth and ninth weeks
None thereafter
(For specific dates, see Registrar's calendar in this catalog.)

Part-time students who enroll only in courses scheduled for eight weeks are allowed the following refund: 100% during the first week of the half session; 80% during the second week; 60% during the third and fourth weeks; 40% during the fifth week; and none thereafter.

For the student who has received financial aid, a refund schedule is used which is consistent with the current government regulations. This schedule is published and available to students in Student Financial Services.

Other Refunds

Room. After the semester has begun, refunds will be made on a per day charge.

Board. Refunds will be made on a per day charge from the date the ID meal ticket is returned.

Service charges are not refundable.

Course Fee Refunds.

100% if dropped by the end of the second week of the course;
None thereafter unless approved by the department.
Some course fees have nonrefundable amounts—see description of Course Fees.