MISS 562. Launching Apostolic Movements. (4 Credits)

Focuses on developing an overview of what constitutes a missional movement by gaining a working understanding and analysis of the key elements that have often coalesced in order to catalyze missional movements in Western and majority world contexts, both historically and in more contemporary times.

MISS 564. Planting and Growing Reproducing Churches. (2 Credits)

Investigates models, principles, strategies, and methodologies for planting new churches in North America that have an apostolic ethos of continual reproduction. Surveys Biblical materials on church planting, examines the recent literature and resources, and explores networks of church planting organizations and churches

MISS 565. Incarnational Ministry for Missional Churches. (2 Credits)

Explicates the basic components of missional communities, including communion, community and mission, that emphasize entering into communities and cultures and sectors of society, rather than drawing people out of their communities, contexts, and roles into siloed religious communities.

MISS 568. Organic and Simple Church. (2 Credits)

Explores the dynamics of cell, simple, organic, and house church movements both here in North America and in other parts of the world. Special attention will be paid to multiplication factors, contextual influences, resourcing issues, organizational centralization and decentralization forces, and leadership patterns.

MISS 575. Urban Missional Movements. (2 Credits)

Examines creative urban missional reproducing movements, paying special attention to the unique opportunities, challenges, and contexts of larger urban communities. Students will gain a knowledge of urban contexts, and explore ways the church can interact with those contexts in missional engagement.

MISS 576. Missional Movements and Evangelism. (2 Credits)

Explores a research based understanding of various missional expressions and movements, learning to assess strengths and weaknesses of the various movements and expressions, and examining effective and ineffective evangelism dynamics.

MISS 692. Comprehensive Exam. (0 Credits)

Prerequisite: submission of Candidacy form. Fee $75. Graded pass/fail.