GPS 211. Vocation Practicum. (2 to 4 Credits)

Students who wish to receive academic credit for an internship or practicum experience not offered through the major or minor department may receive such credit through GPS 211. This course requires prior approval of the Practicum Instructor for Global Programs and Studies and participation in a seminar alongside or after the practicum experience. Students may register for the practicum and keep the course in-progress while taking the seminar the semester after the experience (this also allows students to reach the required clock-hours for the practicum within two semesters if needed). Students must complete 40 hours of work experience for each credit earned and must attend the seminar course which meets 7 times during the semester. The course focuses on Christian understandings of vocation and calling, fosters self-reflection on the work experience, and facilitates assessment of work-related skills. The credit earned will count as elective credit towards graduation; it will not count toward a major, minor, or certificate unless it is approved in advance by the appropriate academic department. No more than 12 practicum or internship credits in total may be counted towards graduation requirements. Students must have completed at least two semesters on-campus or at another college or university to enroll.

GPS 231. Orientation to Study Abroad. (2 Credits)

This course serves as the orientation seminar for students planning to study abroad or in other cross-cultural contexts. The course focuses on developing attitudes, knowledge, and skills related to the intercultural competency in order to prepare students to maximize learning during the semester abroad and to engage others in any cross-cultural or diverse context in a meaningful and respectful manner. Students are encouraged to take this course in the B quad before their semester abroad. (The course is required for Wheaton in Mexico program participants.) When taken in combination with GPS 232 Re-Entry Seminar, after the semester abroad or off-campus cross-cultural study experience, the course meets the Global Perspectives Thematic Core.

GPS 232. Study Abroad Re-Entry Seminar. (2 Credits)

Designed for students who have returned from study abroad or other off-campus study in cross-cultural contexts. Students are encouraged to enroll in the course in the A Quad after return to campus. Building on work completed in GPS 231 Orientation to Study Abroad, and the off-campus experience, it provides the opportunity to identify, pursue, and explore new and/or unanswered cultural and theological questions and to revisit and refine previous work. The course also facilitates the re-entry process and provides a forum for direct contribution to the globalization of the campus community. When this course is completed in combination with GPS 231, it fulfills the Global Perspectives Thematic Core. Prerequisite: GPS 231.

GPS 301. Survey of Mexican Art. (2 Credits)

This critical survey of Mexican art explores a variety of art forms, genres, and representative pieces while introducing students to elements of creativity as well as cultivating skills and visual sensitivities to enhance active engagement with works of art. In addition to readings, students interact directly with works from diverse periods of human history, from Pre-Columbian times to the present, in the city of Querétaro and during academic excursions in other parts of the country. Students also create artwork during the course and articulate thoughtful Christian reflections on specific works. Concurrent studies of Mexican society, cultures, language and history help students interpret works in context. The course is taught in Spanish during the WIM program and includes academic excursions that allow students engage works of art in context. Prerequisite: SPAN 201 or equivalent. Corequisite: Enrollment in Wheaton in Mexico.

Tags: VPAV

GPS 302. Exploring Mexican History. (4 Credits)

This required course explores the complexities of Mexican history from Pre-Columbian times to the present. Students critically analyze primary and secondary sources in both Spanish and English to interpret past events using sound historical reasoning. Students learn to discern and articulate connections between Christian faith and practice and the investigation of historical events. The course is taught in Spanish during the Wheaton in Mexico program and includes academic excursions that allow students to engage significant places and reflect on contemporary interpretations of historical events. Prerequisite: SPAN 201. Corequisite: Enrollment in Wheaton in Mexico.

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GPS 321. Engaging Mexican Cultures. (4 Credits)

This seminar is required during Wheaton in Mexico's semester abroad. It builds on themes covered in GPS 231 Orientation to Study Abroad (section for WIM) allowing participants to further develop and apply the knowledge, concepts and skills of intercultural competency. In particular, students employ the concept of culture and engage in participant observation and ethnographic interviewing to explore multiple dimensions of Mexican culture. It serves to integrate the materials learned in other classes taken during the semester and to facilitate the process of cultural adaptation. Prerequisite: GPS 231 (section for Wheaton in Mexico). Corequisite: Enrollment in Wheaton in Mexico.

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