BHS 215. Principles of Exercise Physiology. (2 Credits)

This course explores fundamental concepts related to how the human body responds to acute and chronic exercise. Topics include metabolic, skeletal muscle, pulmonary, and cardiovascular. Includes labs on techniques to measure human performance and health. (Only open to Wheaton College Summer Institute students)

BHS 252. Introduction to Biological and Health Science Research. (4 Credits)

Combines seminar and investigative laboratory approaches to focus on the processes of science. The course will include reading and discussing primary literature and reviews, and designing and conducting experiments. Three lectures, one lab. Prerequisite: BIOL 241. Additional course fee required: $85.

BHS 494. The Integrated Biological and Health Scientist. (2 Credits)

A senior capstone experience in which Christian perspective and biological and health science understanding are integrated to explore and better understand science, origins, environment, medicine, and ethical obligations. Offered every Fall and every Spring. Prerequisite: Senior standing, for Biology majors only.

General Education: SHAR