Major Requirements
Select 24 hours from the following GREK courses: 1
GREK 101, GREK 102, GREK 201 Elementary Greek I-II, Intermediate Greek 212
Select 8 upper-division GREK 300-400 level hrs 28
CLAL 494Senior Capstone4
Complete 16 credits of required courses in the companion discipline (see list) 316

At least 8 of the 24 GREK hours must be GREK upper-division. Students with beginning to intermediate knowledge of Greek prior to matriculation may, upon obtaining departmental approval, substitute for those hours the equivalent number of hours in any other HEBR/GREK/LATN courses for a total of 24 Classical Languages hrs.


All completed in residence.


12 of the 16 hours of the companion discipline can count toward a second major.

Approved BITH classes (16 hours required)

Required bridge course:
BITH 325Biblical Interpretation and Hermeneutics4
Select at least 4 hours from the following BITH courses:
BITH 451Greek Exegesis2
BITH 459Greek Exegesis4
With Instructor Permission:
BITH 509Introduction to Greek Exegesis (May not be taken in place of GREK 201 for this major.)4
BITH 532Greek Exegesis in the Septuagint2,4
BITH 646Greek Exegesis4
BITH 646Greek Exegesis4
BITH 647Greek Exegesis2
Select not more than 8 hours from the following BITH courses:
BITH 333Historical Geography4
BITH 342Majority World Theology4
BITH 351Jesus Of Nazareth4
BITH 352Paul Of Tarsus2,4
BITH 354Women in the World of the NT2
BITH 356I Corinthians2,4
BITH 358Acts of the Apostles2,4
BITH 359New Testament Topics2
BITH 362James2
BITH 363The Letter to the Romans4
BITH 364Peter And Jude2
BITH 365Prison Epistles2,4
BITH 366New Testament Topics in Historical Perspectives4
BITH 368The Book of Revelation2
BITH 392Scripture2
BITH 452Issues in Modern New Testament Studies2
BITH 454Mark2
BITH 457John4
BITH 458Acts of the Apostles4
BITH 462Pastoral Epistles2
BITH 469New Testament Topics4
BITH 495Independent Study1-4
BITH 524Intro to Hermeneutics2
BITH 528Introduction to New Testament Exegesis2
BITH 551Greco-Roman Backgrounds of NT2
BITH 5522