Program Objectives

The Conservatory of Music exists to provide a program of comprehensive music training in a Christ-centered environment that fosters musical excellence, achievement, and creativity. In service to church and society, the Conservatory provides music experiences intended to inspire joy and passion among all students of Wheaton College, while serving as a cultural resource for the college, community and the world.

Six music degree programs are offered through the Conservatory of Music: Bachelor of Music in Performance, Bachelor of Music in Composition, Bachelor of Music in History and Literature, Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Music in Pedagogy, and Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in an Outside Field. Additionally, the Bachelor of Arts in Music is offered through Arts and Sciences.

All music degree programs can be completed in eight semesters; however, nine semesters may be necessary for the Bachelor of Music Education degree. The Bachelor of Music Education degree is the approved teacher education program for students planning to teach elementary and/or secondary music and is the only means to Illinois state certification.