Course Information


100- and 200-level courses are primarily for freshmen and sophomores. 300-level courses are for juniors and are not open to freshmen without specific approval. 400-level courses are for seniors and are not open to freshmen. Courses numbered 300 and above are considered to be upper division courses. Graduate courses are numbered from 500-899. A limited number of suitably enriched undergraduate courses (300-499), with approval of the graduate student's advisor and the instructor of the course, can be applied toward a master's degree.

Courses ending in 1-9 are regularly offered courses; 494 courses are senior seminar/capstone courses; 495 courses are independent study; and 496 courses are internships. Courses ending in "0" are experimental courses and their descriptions are not in this catalog, but these are described in the course schedule booklet.

Credit and Term

All courses are four semester hours unless otherwise designated. Half-courses (Quads) usually meet for only half of the semester and carry two hours credit. Some half-courses are offered for the full semester and are designated as linear (lin), with no quad designation in the course schedule.

The letter "x" indicates that a course is also offered in another department and carries credit in either department. Courses offered only in a particular semester are designated F (fall), S (spring), or Su (summer). Courses offered in alternate years are also so indicated.