Theme Coordinator, Allison Ruark

Aequitas Fellowship Program in Global Public Health: 26 Credits

Core Courses 14
What is Good Health?
Aequitas Cohort in Global Public Health Reading Group
Aequitas Cohort in Global Public Health Reading Group
Aequitas Global Public Health Summer Experience Requirement
The Integrated Biological and Health Scientist
Introduction to Public Health
Concepts in Epidemiology
Methods and Statistics (choose one)4
Ethnographic Theory and Method
Field Research Methods
Public Health Research Theory and Methods
Introduction to Statistics
Social Research
Issues and Context (choose 8-credits)8
Medical Anthropology
Food, Farms, and Culture
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Ethics
or ENVR 305
Contemporary Environmental Issues
Global Health
Introduction to Environmental Ethics
AIS: The Good in the Great Plagues
AIS: Humanitarian Disasters and Recovery
AIS: Gender and Global Health
Health Economics
Poverty, Justice and Transformation
Concepts in Nutrition
Behavioral Medicine
U.S. Foreign Policy
Race & Justice
Ethics & Society
Global Justice
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Congress & Policy Process
Violence in Minority Communities
Violence Against Women
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Gender & Society
Social Class & Inequality
Social Change in Latin America
Social Life of Cities
Race, Class, and Justice
Total Credits26