Student Development

Student Development exists to support, challenge and influence students’ learning in a diverse Christ-centered community. Our vision is that students will grow in their Christian identity development through involvement, relationships, and care for self and others.

Student Development serves the campus through the efforts of five teams

  • Athletics
  • Residence Life
  • Student Engagement (Intercultural Arts and Media, International Student Programs, Ministry and Evangelism, Office of Multicultural Development, and Student Involvement)
  • Student Wellness (Counseling Center, Student Care Services, Student Health Services)
  • Title IX


Intercollegiate Sports

Wheaton College athletics exists to foster the development of faith, character, and leadership through competitive sports programs. Wheaton sponsors 21 NCAA Division III sports programs, and is a member of the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin (CCIW).

Residence Life

Wheaton College exists to educate the whole person. We believe this is best accomplished in an environment where students live in community on campus. This development occurs because of the Holy Spirit’s work in students’ lives through relationships with other people. A guiding and fundamentally important component of Christian student development is the touching of life-to-life. We believe it is necessary for students to be immersed in community living for key life-to-life encounters to be possible. In community, students give and receive, are shaped by and contribute to the shaping of campus life, and are challenged to integrate their classroom learning with their life experiences. 

Housing Services

As a condition of attending Wheaton College, Wheaton College undergraduate students are required to live on campus in college-owned residence halls, apartments, or houses. Limited amount of off-campus spaces are available only through the spring housing selection process. Exceptions to the off-campus policy are granted for married students, students who live at home with their parent(s) or who live in a home owned by their parents, 3rd or 4th year engineering students, fifth year students, part-time students, and students participating in the Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR) Program. Student housing is administered through the Housing Services Office.

Student Engagement

The Student Engagement team exists to collaborate with faculty and staff to help new students transition into the College and then to provide opportunities for active learning through engagement in organizations and programs that equip them to thrive beyond the classroom. 

Intercultural Arts and Media

Through creative engagement and collaborative efforts, student leaders within ICAM discover new ways of engaging the student body for the purpose of enhancing student life.

International Student Programs (ISP)

Students from global perspectives are an important part of the Wheaton College community. The International Student Programs Office (ISP) aims to meet the unique needs of all international (F-1 Visa/MK/TCK) undergraduate students by providing services and initiatives that develop whole individuals and vibrant communities engaged in and contributing to the mission of Wheaton College.

Ministry and Evangelism

The Ministry & Evangelism team equips students to learn from, serve alongside, and partner with communities and organizations around the world in the redemptive work of the gospel.

Office of Multicultural Development (OMD)

The Office of Multicultural Development exists to promote a greater understanding of Christ-centered diversity and to develop a sense of home for those who are culturally diverse.

OMD collaborates with the Chief Intercultural Engagement Officer to facilitate Wheaton's progress in becoming more culturally diverse and supports students of color in their engagement with academic and student life. The office also provides resources and ideas for majority students seeking to identify and understand issues of diversity from a distinctly Christian worldview. The office seeks to bring issues of faith and cultural identity to the foreground of the campus and to foster unity, celebrate diversity, and encourage community between groups of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Student Involvement

The mission of Student Involvement empowers students from all backgrounds to embody Kingdom diversity and enhance the campus community. Through cultivating collaborative team leadership, developing relevant programs, dialogue, and change, students can explore contemporary issues from a Christ-centered faith perspective representing diverse peer voices.  These leadership, learning, and service opportunities shape holistic growth and cultural competence preparing students to be engaged, Christian citizens. 

The vision is to create an inclusive, student-centered environment that inspires creativity, signifies hospitality,  fosters critical thinking, develops leaders, and pursues social engagement, and reflects a collective commitment to Kingdom diversity and belonging.

Student Wellness

The Student Wellness Team exists to provide proactive and responsive care for all students to thrive physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and intellectually. Our vision is that all students will thrive in their individuality and in community for optimal living and learning, now and in the future, to benefit society for the Kingdom.

The Student Wellness Team comprises the Counseling Center, Student Care Services, and Student Health Services.

Counseling Center

The counseling center provides a safe place for students from all background to receive compassionate, competent, confidential and holistic psychological services.

Student Care Services (SCS)

SCS provides proactive and responsive care for all students to thrive holistically. We desire for each individual, as well as the community, to flourish by offering relevant resources and support to meet their needs.

Student Health Services (SHS)

Student Health Services (SHS) provides comprehensive primary health care to all enrolled students. Services include laboratory tests, allergy injections, medications, wellness exams, routine immunizations, and care for acute and chronic illness.

Entering students are required to submit the following: health history, physical examination within twelve months, tuberculosis (TB) screening questionnaire, and documentation of immunizations, which is required by the College and Illinois state law. A TB screening test may be necessary once the questionnaire is reviewed. A registration hold and a non-refundable late fee will be assessed if these items are not completed prior to the designated deadline. SHS will notify students of their medical requirements via their email or MyChart account. Students may consult the website for more information and forms.

While college is in session, clinic appointments are available Monday through Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Scheduling appointments online through MyChart is welcome. During the summer term, services are available on a modified basis.

Health and Wellness Fee

Wheaton College has decided to simplify and encourage visits to Student Health Services by eliminating per visit charges. We will also continue our policy of not charging per visit for Counseling Services. Instead, a non-refundable $125 Health & Wellness Fee per semester will be charged to the student account of every degree-seeking undergraduate student attending classes on the main Wheaton College campus, except F-1 visa students who already incur a mandatory medical insurance charge. 

This fee will also help ensure that the College has the human resources to continue providing access to low-cost, high quality counseling and medical care when needed, rather than charging a $45 first time visit fee and subsequent $30 per visit fee. The fee does not cover medications, lab tests, lab drawing fee, immunizations, allergy injections, medical supplies, and minor medical procedures. The fee—which is not being instituted because of COVID—will be included in the total cost of attendance. We are sharing information about this change now in order to be transparent about the new fee structure. 

Please visit the FAQ page for more information or email with any questions.

Student Health Insurance

All students are strongly recommended to have medical insurance coverage. Students should be covered for routine and emergency care as they study at different locations, for programs in the U.S. or abroad. Wheaton College provides a mandatory health insurance product for all F1 visa holding (non-resident) students.

Title IX & Equity Office

Wheaton is committed to treating all individuals as equal image-bearers of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we take allegations of prohibited discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct seriously. The College delivers regular, comprehensive in-person and online training resources to ensure our community can identify and report potential acts of prohibited conduct. We are also committed to fairness and equity as we resolve these types of reports while providing support resources to the reporting and responding parties.

Student Handbook

The handbook is provided as a practical guide for Wheaton College students to live out their commitment to each other via the Community Covenant. If students agree to attend Wheaton College, it should be with the full intention of living with integrity within the vision of holy living articulated in the Community Covenant and the expectations articulated in the Student Handbook. By virtue of enrolling, students accept responsibility for the expectations described in the handbook. For follow-up questions or for help locating information in the handbook, please ask for assistance from the Student Development staff located in the Student Services Building, Suite 218. You may also email or call 630-752-5022. The student handbook is published on the college website.

Center for Vocation and Career (CVC)

The Center for Vocation and Career equips students to use their liberal arts education to thrive in their careers, reflect kingdom values, and help build the church and benefit society worldwide. The vision of the CVC is that all students would develop a plan for life after graduation, have the tools necessary to implement their unique plan, and be provided ample opportunity to execute their vocational plan. We support each student as they cultivate self-awareness, explore vocational callings and careers, engage in experiences outside of the classroom, and develop professional competencies and learn to articulate them.

Students can begin their career journey their first year on campus by attending the What Are Your 5? event held each spring, focused on exploring their top five CliftonStrengths. They can also engage with the CVC team on Handshake, a career platform that connects students to CVC events, employers, jobs, internship opportunities, and CVC resources. Students can set up an account on Handshake and download the app as soon as they have their school email address.

The Center for Vocation and Career wants to help each student understand their unique gifts and interests and explore how those can be used to impact the Kingdom of God – in all sorts of industries and positions

Student Employment

At the start of each school year we host a Part-time Job Fair where both on-campus and off-campus positions are made available. In addition, the Center for Vocation and Career regularly posts both full and part-time jobs on Handshake.

Office of the Chaplain

The Chaplain's Office seeks to fulfill its mission of giving leadership to the meeting of the spiritual needs and furthering the spiritual formation of Wheaton students, staff, and faculty in a multitude of ways, one of which is through corporate worship in Chapel. The office is growing in facilitating corporate worship that reflects the breadth of God’s global family. Chapel attendance is required for all undergraduate students. Others are invited to watch undergrad Chapel services live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:40am CST. The Graduate School has its own chapel program on Wednesdays at 10:40am CST in Barrows Auditorium in the Billy Graham Hall.

The Chaplain's Office oversees the spiritual life of the community through the Chapel program, small group ministries, the Life with God Together framework around spiritual formation, the Faith and Sexuality initiative, and pastoral care for undergraduate students, faculty, and staff.

Discipleship Ministries, the small group ministry out of the Chaplain's Office, facilitates student-led small groups on campus including Discipleship Small Groups, Upperclassmen Small Groups, Strongholds, and Family Groups. The goal for each group is to foster what matters most in life: a relationship with God, understanding of the Bible, honesty, prayer, accountability, ministry to others, support, spiritual growth, encouragement and friendship.

Life with God Together is a framework that provides intentional and strategic biblically-guided formative topics and practices for those engaged in spiritual formation ministry all over campus.

The Faith and Sexuality initiative is a space for staff, faculty, and students to explore questions and issues around gender and sexuality and their relationship to spiritual formation. This program has the goal of furthering the discipleship of our campus community members specifically in the areas of sexuality through building support groups, providing training, facilitating rigorous discussions, and listening to stories all the while being grounded in Scripture as our final authority for what is moral and good.

Students are encouraged to participate in the worship, life, and ministry of a local church. The benefit is mutual as students gain from the fellowship of a church, and churches appreciate the involvement of students. A directory of local churches is available on-line on the Chaplain's Office website.

Campus Services

Campus Stores

The Campus Store is operated by Follett Higher Education Group and is the official supplier of college course materials, providing the correct edition, used books and rental as available, and in stock for the start of classes. The Campus Store also sells Wheaton apparel and Thunder athletic gear, as well as school supplies. Information about ordering your textbooks, our return policy, textbook buyback, and store hours are available at or by calling 630.752.5119.

College Post Office (CPO)

The College Post Office (CPO) is located in the Todd Beamer Center and provides mail services to the campus. CPO box assignments and combinations are issued at the post office window. To ensure mail delivery, please use the following as an example of a proper student address:

Student Name
501 College Ave
Wheaton IL 60187

A forwarding address form must be completed and returned to CPO when a student leaves for a period of three weeks or more. The student is responsible to advise organizations/companies of a change of address for magazines, newspapers, and bulk mail. Only first class mail and priority mail will be forwarded. Mail not forwarded includes: media mail, bulk mail, parcel select mail, and some international mail (mail sent from overseas.) Please note: UPS, FedEx, Airborne, DHL, etc., are not forwarded, these packages are returned to the sender.

Food Service

Anderson Commons provides cafe-style food service. Well-balanced meals from our food-service partner, Bon Appétit, offer menu variety for individual tastes. Eighteen meals a week are served. Students living in college residence halls are required to purchase at least a 10-meal plan. Several meal plan options are available to upperclassmen and graduate students. First year undergraduate students are required to purchase a 10, 14- or 18-meal plan, or a 160 or 210 block plan. Meal plan start dates for students coincide with the residence hall openings for each semester. The last meal on the plan each semester is dinner on the Thursday of finals week. Meal plan additions or changes must be completed online at by 8 a.m. on the Monday after the first week of classes each semester.

ThunderBucks are for use in Anderson Commons, Sam’s, and The Stupe, which are located in the Beamer Student Center.

ThunderBucks are flex dollars that are a part of the 10, 14 and 18 meal plans, as well as the 160 and 210 block plans. Unused ThunderBucks at the end of the fall semester can be rolled to the spring semester; unused ThunderBucks at the end of the school year will be forfeited.

ThunderBucks PLUS are additional dollars that may be added on to the student ID Card for extra spending options.
ThunderBucks PLUS may be added to the card at
ThunderBucks PLUS may be used in all three food service venues provided by Bon Appétit, and at concessions stands at home sporting events.

Academic and Institutional Technology

Residence halls and apartments allow both wireless and wired Internet access. Students can connect to wireless coverage in their rooms or apartments, and/or request activation of a wired connection for systems that benefit from faster network speeds. Wireless coverage is available throughout campus.

Undergraduate students who want to connect their computers to the campus network must register their computer and install and maintain anti-virus and anti-malware security software. This is required by the College network access control system and is referenced during the student account setup process.

Academic and Institutional Technology provides technology support information and resources for students at as well as personalized assistance by contacting, calling 630.752.4357 (HELP), or in person at Blanchard 171.

Public Safety

The Wheaton College Department of Public Safety is dedicated to the protection of life and property and to the prevention of crime, fire and accidents. Uniformed officers are on duty 24 hours a day patrolling campus buildings, streets and parking lots. Through preventative patrol, emergency response, and educational programs, Wheaton College Public Safety strives to promote an awareness of safety among students, employees, and visitors. Public Safety also provides a variety of services to the campus community, striving to meet the needs of students, employees, and campus visitors alike.

Family Rights and Privacy Act

Wheaton College is in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act which is designed to protect the privacy of educational records, to establish the right of students to inspect and review their records, and to provide guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data through informal and formal hearings. Students also have the right to file complaints with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Office concerning alleged failures by Wheaton College to comply with provisions of the Act. Such complaints should be sent to: Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20202-5920.

Wheaton College has adopted a policy which explains in detail the procedures used for compliance with provisions of the Act. Copies of the policy are available in the Registrar's Office.