The Bachelor of Music degree in Music History and Literature provides comprehensive music training aimed toward further study in musicology or related fields and encourages the formation of a diverse approach to music scholarship. The Music History and Literature degree prepares students for entrance into graduate programs and careers in musicology and college teaching, in addition to music criticism, broadcasting, publishing, and library/archival science.

Students are required to complete the General Education requirements  (normally 32 hours) and all Graduation Requirements.  Total hours required for degree: 124 hours minimum.
In order to meet all major requirements, hours needed may exceed 124.

Other Non-Music Requirements12
Foreign Language (German or French; if proficient in one, elect the other)8
PHIL 216Philosophy Of the Arts2
PHYS 205 (Physics of Music, course not currently taught. See the department for an approved substitution.)2
Context Studies (MUCS)30
MUCS 261Music Before 16002
MUCS 262Baroque and Classical Music Eras4
MUCS 263Nineteenth-Century Music2
MUCS 274World Music4
MUCS 361Twentieth-Century Music4
MUCS 433Style Analysis2
MUCS 494Senior Capstone2
MUCS 363Introduction to Music Research and Bibliography2
MUCS Electives6
MUCS 495Directed Study (Senior Document)2
Music Theory & Composition (MUTC)19
Music Theory 1-4
MUTC 151Music Theory I3
MUTC 171Music Theory II3
MUTC 241Music Theory III2
MUTC 261Music Theory IV3
Aural Skills 1-4
MUTC 152Aural Skills I1
MUTC 172Aural Skills II1
MUTC 252Aural Skills III1
MUTC 272Aural Skills IV1
MUTC 353Modal Counterpoint2
or MUTC 354 Tonal Counterpoint
MUTC 355Orchestration2
Methods Studies (MUMS)5
MUMS 115Intro to Music Studies2
MUMS 248
MUMS 346
Basic Conducting
and Conducting Lab
Individual Performance Studies (MUIP)14
Select 10 credits from MUIP 201 - MUIP 422 in Primary Instrument 110
Select 4 credits from MUIP 101 - MUIP 122 in Secondary Instrument 14
Ensemble Performance (MUEP)4
Select 4 credits (MUEP 213, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218) in Large Ensemble (eight semesters)
Music Electives4
Select any music course(s) other than MUCS 101, 102, 103 or MUTC 101
Recital and Concert Attendance (MUEP)0
MUEP 219Recital & Concert Attendance0
Free Electives7
Select 7 credits (may include music courses)
Piano Proficiency - Consult Conservatory Handbook 2
Total Hours required for degree 3124 hours miniimum

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 Conservatory Handbook


 In order to meet all degree requirements, hours needed may exceed 124 hours.