Coordinator, Stephanie Gates 

The Spanish major helps students develop their language abilities and explore the rich variety of histories, cultures, and literatures of the Spanish-speaking world. Whether traveling or studying abroad or interacting with neighbors in the United States, students in the Wheaton College Spanish program benefit from

  • A program focused on linguistic and intercultural skill-building in a distinctly Christian liberal arts framework
  • 50+ Spanish course offerings each year
  • A community of learners that come from over 30 different countries and states
  • Immersion study abroad programs in Mexico, Central America, and Spain
  • The opportunity to use bilingualism in contexts like healthcare, education, ministry, business, social services, and government and legal settings.

Spanish majors at Wheaton learn the forms and functions of the Spanish language, understand native speech and writing, and learn to communicate creatively and comprehensively in Spanish. From grammar, composition, and conversation courses to courses on history, culture, literature, and teaching, the Spanish curriculum allows students to fully grasp the Spanish language and culture.

Along with specific requirements for any major, all students in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs must meet all general education and graduation requirements under a single catalog.

Requirements for a major in Spanish are 32 hours of courses numbered 300 or above. All students are required to take:

Major Requirements
SPAN 331Spanish Conversation4
SPAN 332Advanced Grammar and Composition4
SPAN 343Latin American Colonial Literature (1492-1800)4
or SPAN 344 Modern Latin American Literature
or SPAN 337 Survey of Spanish American Literature
SPAN 341Writing the Empire: Spanish Literature before 18004
or SPAN 342 Global Spain: Spanish Literature after 1800
SPAN 494Senior Seminar4
Study Abroad
Complete at least one term of study abroad 1
Select 12 credits 212
Total Credits32

Students must complete at least one term of study in a department-approved study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country. Wheaton in Spain or Wheaton in Latin America may be used to fulfill the requirement for a term of study abroad.

  •  Students planning to teach on the secondary level are required to take SPAN 371 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages.
  • LING 321 Introduction to Linguistic Science may count as elective credit toward the major or minor.