Coordinator, Néstor Quiroa

The Latin American and Latina/o Studies program prepares students to flourish in the vibrant and increasingly interconnected Americas. They develop knowledge, skills, virtues, and attitudes needed to engage deeply with people from the diverse societies and cultures of Latin America and with emigrant communities from the region. Through multidisciplinary courses and study abroad, students explore the complexities and vitality of Latin America while gaining advanced Spanish proficiency and intercultural competency. With a course of study that is both rigorous and flexible, students integrate learning from the humanities and Bible/theology, arts and communications, and the social sciences. Majors and minors are prepared for graduate study and for work in diverse fields—education, government, business, medicine, non-profit, missions and church ministry—in an increasingly diverse and competitive job market in the United States and in Latin America. The LALS program coordinator is available to advise on course selection within the minor.

Graduates of the program will:

  1. Understand and critically analyze historic conditions and major economic, social, religious, and political processes that have shaped—and continue to shape—the lives and cultures of Latin Americans and emigrants from the region

  2. Comprehend how global factors—including the political, economic, religious and cultural influence of the United States—shape contemporary Latin American realities

  3. Integrate perspectives from multiple disciplines to understand and appreciate the diversity of Latin America and its cultures

  4. Develop knowledge, skills, virtues, and attitudes necessary to effectively and appropriately interact and collaborate with people from Latin America

  5. Conduct multidisciplinary research and effectively communicate knowledge about Latin America that reflects robust analytical, writing, and speaking skills

  6. Explore how Christianity has transformed and been shaped by the Latin American context, examine contemporary contributions of Latin American Christianity, and consider how these contribute to shaping their own theological understandings

  7. Develop long-term commitment to engage with Latin American communities and Latino communities in the United States

 Latin American and Latina/o Studies Courses

LALS 205. Latin American Immigration in the Windy City. (2 Credits)

This course explores the history of Latin American immigration to the Chicago metropolitan area and highlights contributions of the diverse communities and key challenges they face. The course incorporates readings from multiple disciplines in the field of Latin American Latino/a Studies. As part of the course, students will visit local communities and interact with community members. Although the course will be conducted in English, there will be opportunities to use Spanish. (Open to Wheaton College Summer Institute students only)

LALS 301. Introduction to Latin American and Latina/o Studies. (4 Credits)

This multidisciplinary course introduces students to key concepts and issues in Latin American and Latina/o Studies and familiarizes them with the diverse histories, economies, politics, societies and cultures of Latin America and Latina/os in the United States. Particular attention is given to ways Latin American and Latina/o Christianity contributes to the global church. Offered every year in the fall semester. Required for the Latin American Studies major and minor.

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LALS 494. Senior Seminar in Latin American and Latina/o Studies. (4 Credits)

Examination of a salient topic from multidisciplinary perspectives and in light of critical concerns in Latin American and Latina/o Studies and the Christian faith. Students produce a significant academic paper, explore integration of the major with the Christ at the Core curriculum, and consider their liberal arts studies at Wheaton in light of their Christian vocations. Prerequisite: Senior majors, or Junior majors who have completed 32 hours and study abroad. Additional course fee required: $50.

General Education: SHAR