Coordinator, Shuguang (Rose) Wang

The Chinese Language and Culture Major at Wheaton is a multidisciplinary program designed for students wishing to attain reasonable fluency in Chinese with specialized exposure to the country of China. Students will gain language proficiency and familiarity with China through a wide range of courses in a variety of disciplines. The program helps prepare students for graduate study in China-related fields, for work in contexts where Chinese language and culture are pertinent, or to live and work in Chinese-speaking areas of the world as informed and capable individuals equipped with appropriate intercultural skills and awareness.

In consultation with an advisor from within the department, students develop a major plan with a focus on Chinese language and culture. Not all of the courses required for the major are offered every year. Early and careful planning is advised.

Chinese Language and Culture Major Requirement is 40 credit hours including the demonstration of Chinese language proficiency (equivalent to the level upon completion of CHIN 201) :

Major Requirements
Chinese Language Proficiency
Students must demonstrate language proficiency equivalent to the level upon completion of CHIN 201.
CHIN 101Elementary Mandarin Chinese4
CHIN 102Elementary Mandarin Chinese II4
CHIN 201Intermediate Mandarin Chinese4
Additional Required Languages Courses
CHIN 331Chinese Conversation4
CHIN 332Chinese Grammar and Composition4
CHIN 494Senior Capstone Experience: Contemporary Chinese Literature and Its Social Reality4
Elective Language Courses
May count as China-focused content courses but cannot be double counted toward the major requirement
CHIN 302Chinese Through Scripture4
CHIN 335Business Chinese4
CHIN 337Readings of Chinese Culture and Society4
CHIN 495Independent Study1-4
China-Focused Content Courses:16
Required Content Courses
CHIN 334Chinese Culture and Traditions (Taught in English)4
HIST 291Introduction to Modern East Asia4
or HIST 293 Introduction to Asian Studies
Elective Content Courses
Courses not on this list may also count with approval from the Chinese advisor, if China or East Asia is covered or any one-time offering or topics course that deals primarily with China.
B EC 331International Business4
ECON 365Development Economics4
IR 347East Asian Politics4
IR 364East Meets West4
IR 367International Law4
PHIL 106Global Philosophy4
PHIL 227Asian Philosophy4
PSCI 323Chinese Political Thought4
RELI 225Major World Religions4
Wheaton-in-China or An Alternative Approved Study Abroad Program (strongly recommended) 1
CHIN 338Advanced Chinese in China (Off campus; CHIN 334 Prerequisite)4
CHIN 341Special Topics in Chinese Language and Culture (Off campus; CHIN 334 Prerequisite)4
Total Credits Required40

Credits earned during study abroad may be applied either to a second major (with the approval of that major department), to the Chinese language and culture major, or (upon approval) to both. Up to 8 credits of language and culture courses taken as part of the study abroad program may count or substitute for some Chinese language and culture major requirements.