Classical Languages major integrated with Early Christian Studies

Major Requirements
Select 24 hours (including capstone) from the following classical languages courses: 1
GREK/LATN/HEBR: 101, 102, 201 Elementary Greek/Latin/Hebrew I-II, Intermediate Greek/Latin/Hebrew 212
Select 8 upper-division hrs of GREK or 8 upper-division hrs of LATN 2,38
CLAL 494Senior Capstone4
Complete 16 credits of required courses in the companion discipline (see list) 416

Approved BITH classes (16 hours required)

Select 4 hours from the following BITH courses:4
BITH 315Christian Thought4
BITH 318Christian Theology in the Holy Lands4
BITH 372Historical Theology4
BITH 374Systematic Theology4
BITH 376Theologies of Transformation4
Select 12 hours from the following BITH courses:12
(Check for possible course prerequisites)
BITH 327Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers2
BITH 354Women in the World of the NT2
BITH 371Early Christianity: From Rome to Byzantium4
BITH 381Topics in Spiritual Classics2
BITH 385Triune God4
BITH 388Person and Work of Christ4
BITH 389Holy Spirit and Last Things4
BITH 396Roman Catholic Theology4
BITH 398Eastern Orthodox Theology4
BITH 483Augustine4
BITH 489Advanced Topics in Christian Thought2