Classical Languages major integrated with English

Major Requirements
Select 24 hours (including capstone) from the following classical languages courses: 1
GREK/LATN/HEBR: 101, 102, 201 Elementary Greek/Latin/Hebrew I-II, Intermediate Greek/Latin/Hebrew 212
Select 8 upper-division hrs (excludes CLAL 494) in one Classical language 28
CLAL 494Senior Capstone4
Complete 16 credits of required courses in the companion discipline (see list) 316

At least 8 of the 24 Classical Languages hours must be HEBR, GREK, or LATN upper division (300/400-level). Students with beginning to intermediate knowledge of one of these classical languages prior to matriculation may, upon obtaining departmental approval, substitute for those hours the equivalent number of hours in any other HEBR/GREK/LATN courses for a total of 24 Classical Languages hours.


All completed in residence.


12 of the 16 hours of the companion discipline can count toward a second major.

Approved ENGL classes (16 hours required)

The following bridge course is required:
ENGL 215Classical and Early British Literature4
Select 12 hrs from the following:12
ENGL 331Medieval Literature4
ENGL 336The English Renaissance4
ENGL 337Seventeenth-Century English Literature4
ENGL 361Victorian Literature4
ENGL 435History of Literary Criticism4
These courses may count when they are on authors or topics that are substantially on the legacy of classical literature. Normally, all courses offered as part of Wheaton in England would qualify:
Varied Literary Topics