Classical Languages Major Integrated with Communication:Rhetoric

Major Requirements
Select 24 hours (including capstone) from the following classical languages courses: 1
GREK/LATN: 101, 102, 201 Elementary Greek/Latin I-II, Intermediate Greek/Latin 212
Select 8 upper-division hrs of GREK or 8 upper-division hrs of LATN 28
CLAL 494Senior Capstone4
Complete 16 credits of required courses in the companion discipline (see list) 316

Approved COMM classes (16 hours required)

Major Requirements
COMM 302Rhetorical Theory (required)4
Select 12 hrs from the following:12
COMM 252Argumentation and Debate4
COMM 253Messages, Influence, and Culture4
COMM 312Communication Criticism4
COMM 393Intercollegiate Debate (Practicum)0-1
COMM 353Advanced Persuasive Speaking4