The American Ethnic Studies minor in Sociology addresses the concepts of race and ethnicity and the experiences of different racial and ethnic groups in the United States.

Requirements for a minor in American Ethnic Studies are 20 hours, including:

SOC 115Introduction to Sociology4
SOC 337Racial and Ethnic Relations4
SOC 376Sociological Theory4
or SOC 383 Statistics
or SOC 482 Social Research
Option A - Students take 8 hours spread across two different people groups in Group 1
Option B - 4 hours from Group 1 and 4 hours from Group 2
Group 1:
Courses addressing different racial/ethnic groups in the United States: Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American, and Native American.
Asian Americans
SOC 371Asians in America4
Blacks/African Americans
ENGL 344Diverse Traditions in 20th- and 21st-Century American Literature (when topic is "African American Literature")4
MUCS 356Jazz History2
PSCI 324Black Political Thought4
LALS 301Introduction to Latin American and Latina/o Studies4
SPAN 357Latino Cultures in the United States4
Native Peoples
HIST 102Exploring the Global Past (when topic is "Africans, Europeans, and Natives in the Atlantic World")4
Group 2:
Courses addressing different topics involving race/ethnicity.
PHIL 105Race & Justice4
HIST 353American Cities & Suburbs4
HIST 391Topics in History (Race, Justice, and Reconciliation in the U.S.)2,4
COMM 253Messages, Influence, and Culture4
COMM 324Communication and Diversity4
PSCI 328Immigration4
PSCI 363Race and Politics in the United States4
EDUC 136
Teaching Ethnically and Linguistically Diverse Students
and Cross-cultural Tutoring
MUCS 355American Music2
ART 351History of Art & Architecture II4
URBN 371Race, Poverty, and Reconciliation4