Theme Coordinator, Gregory Lee

The Aequitas Fellows Program in Urban Leadership is a four-year cohort program that forms students to promote just, sustainable, and flourishing urban communities through academic study, immersive and experiential learning, and Christian service. By the end of the program, fellows will be able to apply theological and social reasoning to urban issues such as poverty, food insecurity, race and ethnicity, housing, public health, education, art, environmental sustainability, employment, and economic development, all within the context of Wheaton’s evangelical commitments.

In their first year, students take AQTS 111 Introduction to Urban Leadership and prepare for their international summer experience, which they will complete through AQTS 112 Aequitas Urban Leadership Summer Experience. They are also encouraged to begin their economics sequence, ECON 211 Principles of Microeconomics and ECON 212 Principles of Macroeconomics.

During their sophomore year, students participate in Wheaton in Chicago, a semester-long residential program, where they will take URBN 233 Chicago and complete AQTS 496 Aequitas Urban Leadership Internship. During their junior year, students take AQTS 375 Christian Ethics and the City. During their senior year, they complete an independent project through AQTS 411 Aequitas Urban Leadership Final Project 1 and AQTS 412 Aequitas Urban Leadership Final Project 2. Throughout the program, students will be invited to participate in special opportunities, including lectures and round-table discussions with expert scholars and practitioners in urban issues.

Aequitas Fellowship Program in Urban Leadership: 20-24 credits

AQTS 111Introduction to Urban Leadership 12
AQTS 112Aequitas Urban Leadership Summer Experience 20
ECON 211Principles of Microeconomics4
ECON 212Principles of Macroeconomics2
URBN 233Chicago 3,44
AQTS 496Aequitas Urban Leadership Internship 3, 44-8
AQTS 375Christian Ethics and the City 52
AQTS 411Aequitas Urban Leadership Final Project 1 62
AQTS 412Aequitas Urban Leadership Final Project 2 60
Total Credits20-24

Students are advised to complete either the Old Testament or the New Testament core requirement (or both) before participating in Wheaton in Chicago.


Students are strongly advised to take AQTS 111 during their first year in the program.


Students are advised to take AQTS 112 during the summer after their first year in the program.


Students are advised to participate in Wheaton in Chicago during their second year in the program.


Students must take URBN 233 and AQTS 496 during Wheaton in Chicago.


Students are advised to take AQTS 375 after their Wheaton in Chicago experience.


Students complete their final project through a two-course sequence, AQTS 411 and AQTS 412. They are strongly advised to register for AQTS 411 during fall semester of the year that they are graduating, and to register for AQTS 412 during spring semester of that year.