As a study of human culture, anthropology offers insight into virtually any human phenomenon across any discipline. The department therefore offers an “integrated major” that allows students to complete the major by taking 28-32 hours of required anthropology courses and 16 hours of designated courses in some companion discipline. The integrated major allows students to pursue both interests simultaneously.

Students in the Integrated Major in Anthropology and Christian Formation & Ministry (CFM) gain a strong theoretical and practical understanding of the ways that culture, social position, and social structures intersect with ministry. Anthropology has traditionally formed one of the three pillars of missiology, and ministry practitioners have used the idea of “pastoral anthropology” for decades as a way to refer to the close, ethnographic study of congregations, communities, and organizations for ministry purposes. Students will learn to employ the theory and methods of sociocultural anthropology in personal spiritual development, discipleship, and a wide-variety of ministry contexts.

Requirements for a major in Anthropology Integrated with Christian Formation and Ministry are 28-32 hours of required Anthropology courses and 16 hours of in Christian Formation and Ministry.

ANTH 116Cultural Anthropology4
ANTH 376Culture Theory4
ANTH 482Ethnographic Theory and Method4
ANTH 494Senior Capstone4
Select one of the following bridge courses:4
Global Christianity: Mission, Culture & Context
Culture and Difference
Culture in the Contemporary World
Violence and Peace in Latin America
Sociology Of Religion
Select 4 additional elective credits in ANTH 14
Select one methods course:4
Field Research Methods (accepted HNGR students only)
Ministry in Culture
An approved cultural immersion or internship experience. 20-4
Cultural Immersion Experience
Internship in Anthropology
Total Credits28-32

Up to four credits of sociology (excluding SOC 383) can be counted toward the elective or bridge courses.


Cultural immersion experiences in anthropology are zero credit, transcripted experiences (ANTH 331). Internships may be completely in either Anthropology or CFM and could range from 0-4 credits. Internships options include either ANTH 496 or CFM 496. Other examples of cultural immersion experiences include HNGR, Wheaton-in programs, or other study abroad programs. Internship/cultural immersion requirements must be approved in advance by an anthropology faculty advisor.

Christian Formation and Ministry - 16 hours

Select 16 credits in CFM from the following list.
At least eight of these credits must be upper division (300 or 400 level).
CFM 215Spiritual Formation in Community2
CFM 223Human Development and Ministry4
CFM 224Christian Spiritual Practices2
CFM 232Spiritual Guidance and Discernment2
CFM 335Teaching the Bible4
CFM 339Compassion and Crisis Ministry: Responding to Trauma and Suffering4
CFM 359Discipleship4
CFM 418Apologetics in a Global Context2
CFM 421Philosophy of Ministry4
CFM 494Ministry in Culture4
Total Credits16