The Asian American Studies minor in Sociology addresses the concepts of racial and ethnic relations, immigration, and modes of incorporation with an emphasis on the perspectives and experiences of Asian Americans.

Requirements for a minor in Asian American Studies are 20 credits:

SOC 115Introduction to Sociology4
SOC 371Asians in America4
SOC 376Sociological Theory4
or SOC 383 Statistics
or SOC 482 Social Research
Electives to help focus on a particular Asian sub-group, topic related to Asian Americans, or historical and social context of Asian Americans. 1
Introduction to Asian Studies
The Construction of Modern Japan, 1800-1960
Modern Korea
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Total Credits20

Elective options for the Asian American Studies minor can include experimental courses, special topics courses that are offered on an occasional basis, and independent studies or internships relevant to Asian American Studies. Students must submit a petition to have such courses be approved as elective courses, and the courses will be approved on a case-by-case basis.