The Philosophy Department and Art History Division of the Art Department have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship, and we have worked together to craft a program so that students may earn a double major in Philosophy and Art History.

Requirements for a double major in Philosophy and Art History are 44-50 hours including: 

Major Requirements
ARTH 311History of Art & Architecture I4
ARTH 312History of Art & Architecture II4
ARTH 385Medieval & Byzantine Art4
ARTH 395Renaissance and Reformation Art4
ARTH 494Art History Capstone2
PHIL/ARTH 216Philosophy Of the Arts2-4
or PHIL 217 Philosophy of Art
PHIL 243Intro To Logic2-4
or PHIL 245 Logic
PHIL 311History of Philosophy - Ancient and Medieval4
PHIL 312History of Philosophy: Modern & Contemporary4
PHIL 454Historical Seminar2-4
or PHIL 455 Historical Seminar
PHIL 494Philosophy Capstone: Revisiting the Good Life2
Philosophy Electives
Select 10 additional credits of philosophy courses, at least 4 of which need to be upper-division10
Total Credits44-50