Requirements for a Philosophy Integrated Major

Major Requirements
Select 24 credits in philosophy including the following: 1
PHIL 243Intro To Logic2-4
or PHIL 245 Logic
PHIL 311History of Philosophy - Ancient and Medieval4
PHIL 312History of Philosophy: Modern & Contemporary4
PHIL 494Philosophy Capstone: Revisiting the Good Life2
Select at least one relevant philosophy "bridge" course (see list)1-4
Additional Philosophy Courses 26-11
Complete 16 credits of required courses in the companion discipline (see list)16

At least 16 of the 24 philosophy credits must be upper-division.


We recommend that integrated majors take one "Advanced Topics" course (PHIL 447 or PHIL 448) and one "Historical Seminar" (PHIL 454 or PHIL 455)

Approved bridge courses and Required courses integrated w/Political Science

Approved Bridge Courses
Select at least one of the following:2-4
Christian Political Thought
Classical and Medieval Political Thought
Modern Political Thought
Advanced Topics in Philosophy (section 3 - Ethical Theory)
Required Courses
Select 16 credits of the following:16
Political Philosophy
Introduction to Law
Constitutional Law
Media and Politics
Political Ethics
Christian Political Thought (if not used as bridge course)
Classical and Medieval Political Thought (if not used as bridge course)
Modern Political Thought (if not used as bridge course)
American Political Thought
Religion & American Politics
Urban Politics
Law and Religion