Philosophy Requirements 

Major Requirements
Select 24 credits in philosophy including the following: 1,2
PHIL 243Intro To Logic2-4
or PHIL 245 Logic
PHIL 311History of Philosophy - Ancient and Medieval4
PHIL 312History of Philosophy: Modern & Contemporary4
PHIL 494Philosophy Capstone: Revisiting the Good Life2
Select at least one relevant philosophy "bridge" course 1-4
Approved Bridge Courses
PHIL 447Advanced Topics in Philosophy (Topic: "Critical Race Theory" in either course)2
or PHIL 448 Advanced Topics in Philosophy
Required Courses
Complete 16 credits from the following list:16
BITH 384Political Theology4
COMM 253Messages, Influence, and Culture4
HIST 231History in Africa Before 18504
HIST 232History in Africa Since 18504
MUCS 335Music of the African Diaspora2
MUCS 356Jazz History2
SOC 337Racial and Ethnic Relations4
URBN 371Race, Class, and Justice4
Other upper-division courses maybe applicable but require approval from the Philosophy Department Chair.

At least 12 of the 24 philosophy credits must be upper-division.


We recommend that majors take one "Advanced Topics" course (PHIL 447 or PHIL 448) and one "Historical Seminar" (PHIL 454 or PHIL 455).