Requirements for a major in Studio Art are 41-42 hours including: 

Creativity & Design
Drawing I
Digital Studio
Sophomore Cornerstone
Advanced Studio
Exhibition Practicum
Studio Art Capstone
Select 5 300-level ARTS courses15
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Wood Fired Ceramics
Community Art I
Community Art II
Graphic Design I
Graphic Design II
Drawing II
Figure Drawing
Digital Filmmaking I: Narrative
Digital Filmmaking II: Documentary
Advanced Digital Studio
Painting I
Painting II
Taking Pictures
Digital Photography I
Digital Photography II
Printmaking I
Relief Printing
Sculpture I
Sculpture II
Studies in Studio Art
Studio Art Internship
Total Studio Credits:34
Art History
History of Art & Architecture I
Iconographic Art in Judaism and Early Christianity
History of Art & Architecture II
Total Art History Credits:7-8
Total Credits41-42

Studio electives should be chosen with two objectives in mind:

  1. To develop expressive competency in one medium (or set of closely related media), and
  2. To learn the artistic possibilities found in a variety of other media.

Other requirements include:

  • Participation in annual student exhibitions and art events scheduled for majors.
  • Participation and passing score in Sophomore Portfolio Review2, Junior Critique2, and Senior Exhibition.3

Sophomore Portfolio Review: Prerequisites or corequisites for participation in Sophomore Portfolio Review are the following:

Creativity & Design
Drawing I
Digital Studio
History of Art & Architecture I

Senior Exhibition:  Students are required to develop and exhibit a body of their own work as part of Senior Exhibition.

A passing grade for the Senior Exhibition is required for graduation with a Studio Concentration Art Major.
Senior Exhibition is part of the curriculum of ARTS 494 Senior Capstone/Exhibition Practicum. ARTS 494 is taught in the Spring term only.

Students are advised that ARTS 291 (3 hrs) is in the Spring semester. Prerequisites or corequisites for Sophomore Cornerstone are two of the following: ARTS 231ARTS 221, or ARTS 241


Sophomore portfolio reviews and Junior critiques take place in the Spring semester. Schedules should be planned accordingly.


A passing score in Junior Critique is required prior to approval for Senior Exhibition.