The Certificate in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) works to recognize, encourage, and deepen Wheaton College students' ability to engage a wide variety of public policy issues with the skills and knowledge drawn from the intersection of all three disciplines. Students familiar with all three disciplines will be better prepared to understand and work on solutions to a wide variety of problems in both the private and public sector.

Students must take a set of core classes from political science, philosophy and economics, along with a class in introductory statistics. They can then specialize to some degree by taking two elective courses in two of the three disciplinary areas. They will then finish up with a two-hour course in which they will work on a practical project employing the skills they have developed already in their previous classes.

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Certificate: 32-34 Credits

Required Introductory Classes:
PPE 201Introduction to Political Economy4
Quantitative Class:
MATH 263Introduction to Statistics4
or MATH 363 Probability Theory
or ECON 321 Statistics
or PSCI 361 Political Research
Electives - two classes from each discipline among the following:22-24
PSCI 145Political Philosophy4
PSCI 311Constitutional Law4
PSCI 343Political Ethics4
PSCI 366Modern Political Thought4
PHIL 366Modern Political Thought4
PSCI 386Congress & Policy Process4
IR 315Politics of Global Development4
IR 325Justice Among the Nations4
IR 348Middle East Politics4
IR 356European Politics4
IR 375Globalization4
IR 379International Political Economy4
PHIL 251Global Justice4
PHIL 311History of Philosophy - Ancient and Medieval4
PHIL 312History of Philosophy: Modern & Contemporary4
PHIL 448Advanced Topics in Philosophy4
ECON 211Principles of Microeconomics4
ECON 212Principles of Macroeconomics2
ECON 347Urban Economics4
ECON 361Evolution of Global Economy4
ECON 362Wealth & Poverty of Nations4
ECON 364Health Economics4
ECON 365Development Economics4
ECON 366International Economics4
ECON 374Globalization4
ECON 378Economics of Labor & Poverty4
Capstone Seminar
PPE 492Political Economy Capstone2
Total Hours32-34