Coordinator, Michael McKoy

The certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines the causes of violent conflict; mechanisms and models for dealing with violent conflict; and norms, practices, and institutions for building a just and sustainable peace. The Peace and Conflict Certificate prepares students to think critically in the midst of geopolitical complexities like war, genocide, human rights abuses, and injustices based on various forms of discrimination. The program combines theoretical rigor with theological, moral, and ethical reflection on topics related to conflict, war, peace, justice, and reconciliation.

Requirements for a Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies are 24-26 hours of coursework according to the following distribution. Students from all majors are eligible to receive a certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Core Requirements16-18
Introduction to Peace and Conflict
Ethics 12-4
Select one of the following:
Business Ethics
Introduction to Environmental Ethics
Christian Ethics
Ethics & Foreign Policy
Ethics & Society
Christian Political Thought
Political Ethics
Reconciliation 12-4
Reconciliation & Conflict Resolution
Forgiveness and Political Reconciliation
Race, Class, and Justice
Senior Capstone2
Senior Seminar in Peace and Conflict Studies: Peace, Reconciliation, and Justice
Internship or Practicum/Experiential 4
Internship 2
Select 8 credits (see list) 3
Total Credits24-26

Students must complete one Ethics course and one Reconciliation course that must total 6 hours of coursework.


Internships must be substantively related to themes of Peace and Conflict Studies and pre-approved by the director. Internships for other majors may count for Peace and Conflict Studies.


Four of the elective credit hours must come from courses outside the student's declared major.

Electives (8 hours) Electives for the Peace and Conflict Studies Certificate cover two major topical areas: Sources and Nature of Violence (SNV) and Avenues of Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation (PJR). These foci are consonant with two major areas of conflict and peacebuilding and will help prepare students to pursue fields and post-graduate studies in areas such as community development, international development, and conflict mediation. Four of the elective course hours must come from courses outside the student's major.

ANTH 319Colonialism and Redemption: Native American Culture and Theology from 1492 to Wounded Knee (SNV/PJR)2
ANTH 353Culture and Difference (PJR)4
ANTH 432Violence and Peace in Latin America (SNV/PJR)4
ANTH 435Power and Gender in Southeast Asia (SNV)4
ARTS 314Community Art I (PJR)3
ARTS 316Community Art II (PJR)3
BITH 338Genesis 1-11 (SNV/PJR)2
BITH 351Jesus Of Nazareth (PJR)4
CFM 224Christian Spiritual Practices (PJR)2
CFM 339Compassion and Crisis Ministry: Responding to Trauma and Suffering (PJR)4
COMM 223Communication and Gender (PJR)2
COMM 253Messages, Influence, and Culture (SNV/PJR)4
COMM 367Reconciliation & Conflict Resolution (PJR)2
ECON 347Urban Economics (SNV)4
ECON 362Wealth & Poverty of Nations (SNV)4
ECON 365Development Economics (PJR)4
ECON 378Economics of Labor & Poverty (SNV/PJR)4
ENGW 333Writing for Social Change (PJR)4
ENVR 221Living in the Environment: An Introduction to Environmental Science (PJR)4
ENVR 315Nature, Environment & Society (SNV)4
ENVR 325The Global Commons: International Issues in Environmental Science (SNV/PJR)4
ENVR 381Environmental Pollution and Toxicology (SNV)4
GERM 431"Other" Germans: Turkish and Minority Experience (SNV/PJR)4
GERM 432The Holocaust and Contemporary Jewish Experience (SNV/PJR)4
GPS 304Journeys across Cultures and Societies in the Middle East3
GPS 316Introduction to Modern Middle East3
GPS 317Palestinian Society and Politics3
GPS 319Society and Politics in the Holy Land: Palestinian and Israeli Perspectives3
GPS 323Islamic Thought and Practice3
GPS 331Jewish Thought and Practice3
GPS 332Historical and Social Settings of Modern Israel3
GREK 332Homer's Iliad (SNV)4
HIST 348Revolutionary Europe (1789-1870) (SNV)4
HIST 349Origins of Contemporary Europe (1870-1950) (SNV)4
HIST 356The American Revolution (SNV/PJR)4
HIST 357The American Civil War (SNV/PJR)4
HIST 361The Global Cold War (SNV)4
HIST 374Nazi Germany (SNV)4
IR 315Politics of Global Development (SNV/PJR)4
IR 325Justice Among the Nations (PJR)4
IR 348Middle East Politics (SNV)4
IR 359Forgiveness and Political Reconciliation (PJR)4
IR 375Globalization (SNV/PJR)4
IR 378U.S. Foreign Policy (SNV/PJR)4
MSCI 211American Military History (SNV)2
PHIL 241Suffering (SNV)4
PHIL 251Global Justice (PJR)4
PSCI/URBN 385Urban Politics (SNV)2
PSYC 235Cross-Cultural Psychology (PJR)2
PSYC 241Social Psychology (SNV/PJR)4
SOC 337Racial and Ethnic Relations (SNV/PJR)4
SOC 341Social & Political Movements (SNV/PJR)4
SOC 347Gender & Society (SNV/PJR)4
SOC 355Social Class & Inequality (SNV)4
SOC 367Crime & Delinquency (SNV)4
SOC 385Social Change in Latin America (PJR)4