Requirements for the Wheaton degree include:

Wheaton Degree Requirements
ENGR 101Introduction to the Engineering Profession1
ENGR 394Engineering Ethics Capstone2
PHYS 231Introductory Physics I4
PHYS 232Introductory Physics II4
PHYS 334Computer Modeling of Physical Systems2
Select one of the following:2-4
Innovative Design in Engineering 1
Methods of Data Analysis and Presentation 1
Supporting Courses
CHEM 231General Chemistry I4
MATH 235Calculus I4
MATH 236Calculus II4
MATH 237Calculus III4
MATH 333Differential Equations4
Completion of remaining engineering requirements at an ABET accredited program
Total Credits35-37

Students planning a degree in biomedical or chemical engineering are exempt from ENGR 204 or  PHYS 345 provided that they take CHEM 341 and CHEM 342.

MATH 245 Linear Algebra is an additional strongly recommended supporting course.

See department for course plans, including additional ENGR and other courses that will satisfy requirements at the engineering school of choice. Students in the engineering program have modified Christ at the Core general education requirements. Students are only required to take one 4 hour Foreign Language course, they are not required to complete the Scientific Issues and Perspectives (SIP) theme, and they should choose 4 of the following 5 themes:

  • Diversity in the United States (DUS),
  • Global Perspectives (GP),
  • Historical Perspectives (HP),
  • Literary Explorations (LE),
  • Philosophical Investigations (PI).

The remaining Christ at the Core requirements are the same as for all other majors. Some engineering schools will require additional coursework beyond the Wheaton requirements prior to transfer. Some schools may also require Christ at the Core Thematic courses to be taken from specific departments. Students should consult with their advisor and the engineering school of interest to ensure courses taken at Wheaton will meet requirements at the engineering school. Up to eight hours of non-major courses at the engineering school may be transferred back to Wheaton to meet Wheaton requirements.