Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Engineering include:

Required Math and Science Supporting Courses
CHEM 231General Chemistry I4
MATH 235Calculus I4
MATH 236Calculus II4
MATH 237Calculus III4
MATH 333Differential Equations4
PHYS 231Introductory Physics I4
PHYS 232Introductory Physics II4
PHYS 334Computer Modeling of Physical Systems2
Required Core Engineering Courses
ENGR 101Introduction to the Engineering Profession1
ENGR 201Engineering Mechanics 1 - Statics4
ENGR 202Engineering Mechanics 11 – Dynamics4
ENGR 204Innovative Design in Engineering4
ENGR 302Engineering Systems Analysis2
ENGR 394Engineering Ethics Capstone2
ENGR 451Senior Design I4
ENGR 452Senior Design II2
Concentration Courses22
Total Credits75

The Concentration in Mechanical Engineering is a 22-credit concentration that can be taken as part of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Concentration Courses
ENGR 131Engineering Graphics and Computer Aided Design4
ENGR 223Strength of Materials4
ENGR 225Materials Science4
ENGR 346Fluid Mechanics4
ENGR 348Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer4
Mechanical Engineering Concentration Electives (choose 1 course)2
Design of Machine Elements
Mechanics of Solids
Total Credits22