Requirements: A minor in English requires a minimum of 20 hours.

Foundational Courses:12
Any 100-level ENGL course with an LE tag4
ENGL 215Classical and Early British Literature4
or ENGL 221 Contemporary Literary Conversations
One 300-level Historical Context course:4
Pre-18th Century
Old English Language and Literature
Medieval Literature
The English Renaissance
Seventeenth-Century English Literature
18th and 19th centuries
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature
18th- and 19th-Century American Literature
Transatlantic Crossroads in Modern Literature
The Romantic Period
Victorian Literature
20th and 21st centuries
American Modernism/Global Modernism
American Literature after 1945
Diverse Traditions in 20th- and 21st-Century American Literature
British Modernism: 1900-1939
British Literature after 1939
British Black and Asian Literature
Postcolonial Literature
Modern European Literature
Elective Courses:8
Choose from ENGW 213, ENGW 214, ENGW 233, any 300- or 400-level ENGL or ENGW courses.
Note: ENGL 485/ENGL 486: Wade Center Authors and ENGL 494/ENGW 494: Senior Seminar may not be used as electives for the minor.