Theme Coordinator, Tiffany Kriner

The Aequitas Fellowship Program in Public Humanities and Arts prepares students to bring humane letters and arts—literature, history, philosophy, arts, languages—into the public sphere to faithfully engage questions of communal memory, justice and advocacy, media and communication, and cultural literacy for Christ and His kingdom. The  public humanities and arts, which seek to inform contemporary debates, amplify community voices and histories, help individuals and communities navigate difficult experiences, expand educational access, and preserve culture in times of crisis and change (, offer major avenues for Christian participation and witness. This fellowship program gathers diverse readers and makers being trained in multiple majors, disciplines, and arts. Together, fellows will engage in shared inquiry and experiential learning, becoming a collective of learners and socially engaged members of the public. Fellows bring their diverse interests and practices together to develop projects in the public humanities that form them for vocations involving cultural engagement and Christian witness in the public sphere.

The Aequitas Fellowship Program in Public Humanities and Arts has two central learning goals:
(1) that students will be able to create and evaluate projects in public humanities and arts; and
(2) that students engage theologically with the aims, processes, and products of public humanities and arts.

To achieve these goals, students will share coursework in arts and humanities; experience and analyze public humanities projects in various locations, both locally and abroad; engage with practitioners in the public humanities; read theory of the public humanities; and participate in a set of sequenced public humanities and arts projects culminating in an internship and a senior project.  The fellowship program is arranged to work well with study abroad and other off-campus study experiences.

This fellowship program prepares students for lives of cultural engagement, transformative creativity, and community service as they bring the humanities and arts into diverse public spaces for the glory of God.

Aequitas Fellowship Program in Public Humanities and Arts: 24 Credits

AQTS 121Public Humanities and Arts Studio 12
AQTS 122Public Humanities and Arts Studio 22
AQTS 221Public Humanities and Arts Summer Experience0
ENGL 221Contemporary Literary Conversations4
HIST 102Exploring the Global Past4
or HIST 103 Exploring the American Past
PHIL 217Philosophy of Art4
300- or 400-level course(s) in Modern and Classical Languages; for Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education students, any course in Modern and Classical Languages4
AQTS 421Public Humanities and Arts Project (approval required, can be for credit in another department/program)0
AQTS 497Aequitas Public Humanities and Arts Internship (approval required, can be for credit in another department/program)0
4 credits from among the following:4
Community Art I
Theology and the Arts
Theater and Culture
Writing Chicago
Writing for Social Change
From Palaces to Sky Parks: A Historical Tour of Modern Korea
Race, Justice, and Reconciliation in US History
Total Credits24

Substitutions for coursework/experiences may be granted by the fellowship program coordinator.
In addition to these course requirements, students will have the opportunity to arrange and participate in cohort events.

  • Students are advised to take AQTS 121, ENGL 221, HIST 102 / HIST 103 during their first year in the program.
  • Students are advised to take AQTS 122, AQTS 221, PHIL 217 during their second year in the program.
  • Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education students may take a four-credit modern and classical languages course at any level to fulfill the language requirement for the Aequitas Certificate in Public Humanities and Arts.