Requirements for a minor in Geology are 20 hours in geology, including:

Minor Requirements:
Select 4 credits from one of the following: 4
Exploring the Dynamic Earth - Field
Geology of National Parks - Field
Exploring the Dynamic Earth
The Dynamic Earth and Environment
The Dynamic Earth and Environment
GEOL 321Earth History and Stratigraphy (Required)4
Select 12 credits in GEOL or GPS 306. The options are listed below:12
Environmental Geochemistry
Water: the Essential Natural Resource
Energy & Climate Change
Studies In Regional Geology
Process Geomorphology
Quantitative Methods for Environmental Analysis and Problem Solving
Fundamentals of Mineral Science
Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Sedimentary Geology
Introduction to Soil Science
Physics of the Earth
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GIS Practicum
Topics in Earth Science
Field Geology
Rocky Mountain Geology
Structural Geology
Physical Settings of the Bible
Total Credits20