The Aequitas Fellowship Program in Sustainability serves as one of five Aequitas fellowship programs and combines a series of common courses, reading and discussion groups, a summer experience, and research or project opportunities designed to equip students with the theoretical and technical skills needed to engage in the analysis of sustainability issues and develop practical, implementable solutions to current issues. In a world filled with complex social and environmental challenges the need for informed and technically prepared Christians able to speak into these issues is greater than ever.

A series of required courses explore sustainability from the natural and social sciences before students select final elective courses that most closely align with their interests. The program’s coursework is anchored by an eight-week “Sustainability Summer” at the Wheaton College Science Station (WCSS) in the Black Hills of South Dakota. In this intensive summer program, to be completed early during the college experience, students master the fundamental theories and principles of environmental sustainability while acquiring the needed technical skills to implement sustainability solutions. Extensive field studies, field trips and “real-world” implementation of a sustainability system at the WC Science Station connect theory and practice rooted in a Christian worldview.

Aequitas fellows also participate in reading groups, field trips, service learning opportunities, and complete an individual project. AQTS 131 Introduction to Aequitas Sustainability is taken as a cohort in fellows’ first semester and introduces the fellowship program theme by challenging students to consider the intersection of their personal consumption habits with theological and practical motivations for creation care. AQTS 231 Aequitas Reading Group in Sustainability is a one-credit hour reading course taken both semesters their second year, which may also require field trips or attendance at events with on-campus speakers. The AQTS 331/AQTS 332 Service Learning in Sustainability two-credit requirement can be fulfilled through participation in a cohort sustainability project in the third year or through substitution of a designated number of approved service learning hours either on-campus or with an off-campus partner at the discretion of the theme coordinator. Finally, the AQTS 431 Aequitas Leadership in Sustainability requirement can be met through the completion of an individual project relating to sustainability. Examples of individual projects might include, among others, the completion of a senior thesis, serving as a HNGR intern, leadership of the cohort project for the next class of Aequitas Sustainability students, extension of a project from a sustainability-related course, implementation of sustainability initiatives at Wheaton College or with partner organizations, internships, musical or theater performances, or community art installations.

Aequitas Fellowship Program in Sustainability: 30 Credits

AQTS 131Introduction to Aequitas Sustainability2
ENVR/GEOL 212The Dynamic Earth and Environment4
ENVR 332Principles of Environmental Sustainability4
ENVR 333Environmental Sustainability Practicum4
HNGR 114Poverty, Justice and Transformation4
or URBN 114 Social Life of Cities
AQTS 231Aequitas Reading Group in Sustainability (repeated for two semesters)2
AQTS 331Aequitas Cohort Project in Sustainability2
or AQTS 332 Service Learning in Sustainability
AQTS 431Aequitas Leadership in Sustainability0
Social Sciences
Food, Farms, and Culture
Development Economics
Environmental Law, Justice, and Development
Environmental Politics
Environmental Ethics
Natural Sciences
Economic Botany
Quantitative Methods for Environmental Analysis and Problem Solving
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Environmental Pollution and Toxicology
Sustainable Agriculture
Introduction to Environmental Engineering
Water: the Essential Natural Resource
Energy & Climate Change
Environmental Science Research
Biological Research
Total Credits30
  • Students are advised to take AQTS 131, ENVR/GEOL 212 during their first year in the program.
  • Students are advised to take ENVR 332, ENVR 333 concurrently during their Sustainability Summer at the Wheaton College Science Station.
  • Students are advised to take HNGR/URBN 114, and AQTS 231(2 semesters) during their second year in the program.
  • Students are advised to take AQTS 331(2 credits) OR AQTS 332 during their third year in the program.
  • Students are advised to take AQTS 431 during their fourth year in the program, or earlier.