Along with specific requirements for any major, all students in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs must meet all general education and graduation requirements under a single catalog.

Requirements for a minor in Entrepreneurship are 18-20 hours, including:

Core Requirements 10
Theology of Business: Wisdom Based Business 101
Faith-Centered Design: Agile Project Management
Elective Credits8-10
9 or 10 credits are available to fulfill this requirement if a student combines a 3-credit course with a 2-credit or 3-credit course from the list below.
4 elective credits must be from the following:
Financial Accounting
Principles of Marketing
Principles of Management
Principles of Microeconomics
4 additional credits must be from the list above or the following:
Culture, Economy, and Morality
Ethnographic Theory and Method
Digital Studio
Graphic Design I
Graphic Design II
Interpersonal Communication
Strategic Communication
Visual Symbolism: Icons, Brands, Logos
Organizational Communication
Principles of Macroeconomics
Innovative Design in Engineering
Business Ethics
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Social Psychology
Sociology of Economic Life
Social Research
Urban Studies Practicum
Community Economic Development & Enterprise
Total Credits18-20