The Intercultural Engagement Endorsement provides students the opportunity to develop intercultural competencies through immersive intercultural experience; coursework in intercultural competencies; course work in global issues or further foreign language study; and participation in on-campus global events. The endorsement is open to students from all majors and, students are encouraged to integrate it with their major.

Requirements for the Intercultural Engagement Endorsement are 19-20 credit hours. These include:

Program Requirements
GPS 231Orientation to Study Abroad2
GPS 232Study Abroad Re-Entry Seminar2
Participation in a semester study abroad program for at least 12 credits or two summer abroad programs totaling at least 12 weeks in duration. 112
Foreign Language or Global Topics and Processes Course (choose one)3-4
Foreign Language 2
This requirement may be fulfilled through a language offered on-campus or during the study abroad program. If a student has already met the College’s competency requirement, one course in the same language beyond competency is encouraged. If a student has already met competency but wishes to study another language offered at Wheaton or during the study abroad program, the requirement is one course at any level.
Global Topics and Processes Course 2, 4
These courses address a variety of global topics or processes affecting people worldwide or across multiple national boundaries that do not focus primarily on the U.S. Students select one of the following or a course during the study abroad program approved by the coordinator.
Cultural Anthropology
Culture, Travel & Tourism
Global Christianity: Mission, Culture & Context
Cities in the Global South
Culture, Economy, and Morality
Global Health
International Business
AIS: Human Trafficking: Causes, Consequences and Responses
AIS: Economy & Society
AIS: Faith, Reason, and Politics in Islam
AIS: What is Money Good For? A Comparative Global Investigation
AIS: Gender and Global Health
Development Economics
International Economics
Poverty, Justice and Transformation
Comparative Politics
International Politics
Politics of Global Development
Justice Among the Nations
International Political Economy
Mathematics for the Benefit of Mission and Society
Introduction to Peace and Conflict
Introduction to Political Economy
Global Justice
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Social Change in Latin America
Social Life of Cities
Cities in the Global South
Four on-campus, globally-focused events approved by GPS. 3
Total Credits19-20

Semester long domestic programs may be substituted for the semester abroad if it involves substantial intercultural immersion and with approval of the coordinator.


Foreign language and global issues courses taken during study abroad may be double counted toward the required number of credits. 


GPS will include a list of eligible events posted at the beginning of each semester which can then be updated as other events are announced.  If students find other on-campus events not widely publicized, they can ask GPS to approve them.   


If students have already taken an AIS course that is not listed below, they may not take a second AIS course to meet this requirement.