Requirements for a theater minor are 20 hours comprised of:

COMM 172Theater Practicum (must be taken twice to earn 2 hrs credit toward the minor)2
COMM 271Theater Survey4
COMM 273Acting I4
COMM 272Scenography4
or COMM 374 Directing
And 6 hours of elective study (including 4 hours of 300 or 400 level coursework) from the following:6
COMM 171Introduction to Acting2
COMM 272Scenography4
COMM 275Musical Theater London2
COMM 374Directing4
COMM 375European Theater Studies2
COMM 376Church And Theater4
COMM 473Acting II (may be repeated as Acting II: Shakespeare)4
COMM 474Special Topics in Theater2,4
COMM 476Theater and Culture4
COMM 496Internship2-4
ENGL 112Studies in Western Literature: Comedy and Tragedy4
Total Credits20