Coordinator, Ashley Kiley

The Leadership Certificate seeks to foster the development of emerging leaders who seek a depth of character and competence that will enable them to contribute to effective and redemptive communities, businesses, and organizations worldwide. The coursework explores the academic study of leadership, providing the language and theory that is applied to and makes meaning of the experiences. Real time coaching conversations, class assignments and personal reflection foster learning that is wholistic and transformational.

Students move through a series of courses and experiences that focus on leading self, leading others, leading teams, and leading in organizations and society. Each phase of the program fosters development of a growing set of leadership competencies and perspectives. This certificate is designed to integrate with any major at Wheaton, especially those majors that do not have a specific courses in the academic discipline of leadership. Students will also gain perspective on leadership dynamics in a variety of contexts through practicums, internships, elective coursework, integration with their major, and through access to experienced professionals in these areas.

Program Objectives. Upon completion of the leadership certificate, students will have…

  1. Developed a dynamic theological and theoretical framework for understanding the complexities of leadership and leadership development.

  2. Gained a grounded awareness of their own leadership formation including personal calling, strengths and weaknesses, gifts and passions, and leadership tendencies.

  3. Created and implemented a personal formation plan that increases the likelihood of long term faithfulness, health, effectiveness and growth.

  4. Functioned as part of a collaborative leadership team in which they shared leadership, shaped culture, solved problems, conducted meetings, gave and received feedback, and worked to accomplish a shared mission and specific goals.

  5. Wrestled with the application of leadership theory, processes and skills to a variety of settings and fields including government, non-profit/ministry, education, and marketplace settings.

  6. Provided developmental experiences and coaching for individuals and teams in organizational contexts.

  7. Integrated their leadership studies with a specific academic discipline and related that learning to their future endeavors in a field.

The Leadership Certificate involves 20 hours of coursework. A certificate is listed on a student's transcript as a specialized focus of study. This certificate is designed to complement any major on campus, preparing them to lead in their field.  Students will be engaged in leadership experiences, with disciplined reflection, as a component of each course in the program so that theory is integrated with practice.  

The courses of the Leadership Certificate are:

LEAD 201Foundations of Leadership2
LEAD 242Facilitating Leadership Development2
LEAD 243Leadership Development Practicum2
CFM 359Discipleship4
LEAD 353Leadership and Human Systems4
LEAD 474Integrative Leadership Seminar2
LEAD 496Internship0
Approved Elective from Across Campus 14
Total Credits20

Leadership focused course from any department. Approval required by Leadership Certificate Program Director.